Connections Café and Eatery Opening Soon in Epcot

Connections Café

Connections Café and Eatery is a unique quick service restaurant coming to Disney World. Connections Café is not your average quick service. This café celebrates different cultures by bringing you foods that showcase a variety of flavors and cuisines from around the world. I cant think of a better theme for a Epcot restaurant. I think this will fit in perfectly!

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The name “Connections Café & Eatery” gets its name from the philosophy that food has the power to bring us together and engage the world in conversation through a love for all things delicious.

Once inside this Café you can witness chefs assembling sweet concoctions and pizza makers crafting fresh homemade pizzas before your eyes.

Connections Café & Eatery Menu Items

Below is just a sample of what you can find at the new Connections Café & Eatery


Exciting fun new twists on the traditional burger.

  • French Bistro Burger with caramelized onions, bacon, and Brie
  • Southwestern Burger with Chipotle corn salsa and guacamole spread
  • Banh Mi Burger which is Vietnamese inspired
  • Mediterranean inspired burger

Salad Options

  • Nicoise style Salad with potato’s, white and green beans, and olives
  • General Tso chicken Salad with broccoli slaw, red pepper, mandarin oranges, and wontons

Pizza Options

The Curry Pizza is a great plant based option for some.

  • Meatball Pizza
  • Curry Pizza with carrots, potato’s, peas, and lime yogurt

Kids Menu Items

Connections Café and Eatery Opening Soon in Epcot Dining 9
Photo credit- Disney Parks Blog

There are a few kid familiar and friendly options as well.

  • Grilled Chicken Bao
  • Chicken Nuggets Basket
  • Cheeseburger

Dessert Options

Connections Café & Eatery has some unique dessert options.

  • Liege Waffle is made with brioche yeast dough and pearl sugar and topped with fruit
  • Mango Coconut Milkshake is topped off with a pomegranate molasses drizzle
  • Apple Pie Gelato Shake

Beverages ( alcohol and non)

  • Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca is a non alcoholic
  • Cucumber and Thai Basil Cooler is an alcoholic beverage
  • Multiple wines and beer drafts available

Starbucks Coffee

Connections Café and Eatery Opening Soon in Epcot Dining 15
Photo credit- Disney Parks Blog

Are you ready for my favorite part? Connections Café will also be home to Starbucks Coffee. I know where I am going to get my caffeine boost!

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Connections Café and Eatery Opening Soon in Epcot Dining 16
Photo credit- Disney Parks Blog

I’m glad there will be some new options to choose from. I think the menu will appeal to those with an adventurous palate as well as those who like to stick to what they know. This café really compliments the whole concept of what Epcot is really about.

Connections Café & Eatery will be located in World Celebration in the old location of the Electric Umbrella. Stay tuned to WDW Travels for a full review when it opens.

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