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If you are visiting Walt Disney World during the winter and after the holidays, you need to check out Epcot International Festival of The Arts. It is the first Epcot event of the year and it’s the parks newest festival. Because of the construction at Epcot this year a few things have had to move locations.

Epcot International Festival of The Arts first debuted in 2017 and like many Epcot festivals, it was only offered on the weekends in its initial year. Since then, the Festival of The Arts has expanded with some offerings available every day of the week and some only on the weekends.

Last Year brought about Disney’s announcement that the popular Disney on Broadway concert series would take place every night of the festival and this continues this year again. This addition makes the Epcot Festival of The Arts a full-fledged Epcot event now.

The festival will take place over the course of 45 days starting on January 8th and running through February 22nd. This is included in your park ticket so there’s no additional cost to experience this. My family and I went to it in 2018 and we were pleasantly surprised. This is the 5th Anniversary of the Festival of the Arts! We are looking forward to going again this year.

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What Is Epcot’s Festival of The Arts?

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts made its debut in 2017 at Disney Worlds Epcot theme park from Jan 17-Feb 24. Typically Disney has over 25 Disney artists featuring their work at the event each year. However, this year, due to Covid, they had to make some modifications. The event still features everything from food to entertainment to interactive displays of shows, shopping, snacks, and much more. We’re here to give you the scoop on why year after year this festival keeps coming back to Epcot!

Things to do at Festival of The Arts

There are a lot of fun things to see and try at the International Festival of the Arts. Whether it is trying some beautifully created dishes around the world showcase or having your picture taken in one of the many fun frames there is always something new to see at this festival.

For us, we loved walking around the countries and seeing the beautiful artwork that every booth had displayed. We saw some awesome pieces of artwork than any other time of the year we would have missed out on seeing.

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Epcot Festival of The Arts is well balanced between things to do, entertainment and food.

Expressions Section

The expression section is essentially an oversized paint-by-numbers mural located on a construction wall on the back side of where the fountain of nations used to be located. This is great if you’re pressed for time because it only takes a couple of minutes instead of some of the longer workshops.

There’s usually a small booth where cast members will set you up with some paint. You can head on over to the mural and fill in some squares on the wall and in the past, you got to take home a free postcard of the same mural.

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Artful Photo Opportunities

Around World Showcase you’ll find what are called artful photo ops at Epcot Festival of The Arts. Don’t be surprised when you see a long line at some of these because they are really popular.

Basically, Epcot has set up a photo op where you can step into a painting and get your picture taken with a photo pass
photographer. If you have memory maker (like we did) this is a really good picture to get, because it’s something you won’t find anywhere else in Disney World and it’s only offered at this event.

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Food Booths and Dining

During the International Festival of the Arts at Epcot, you can eat the art at many of the 12 food booths. What makes the food at the event so unique is its presentation.

My daughter’s favorite was the cookie that was made to look like an artist’s palette. POP Eats is a great place to find some of the new modern twists on classic dishes.

There are also several deconstructed dishes like a Deconstructed BLT that’s is made from crisp Pork Belly, poached egg, and tomato jelly. An interesting beverage we found there was the Deconstructed Breakfast: Spiced Apple Chai Tea Shake with Cream Bourbon, garnished with a Waffle Crisp and Candied Bacon.

The artists’ palate is the place to find savory dished list Beef Wellington and an-Seared Scallops. Beverages are also available like the Chocolate and Beer Pairing Flight and the non-alcoholic Sipping Chocolate Flight: White, Milk, and Dark.

At the masterpiece kitchen, you will find a fabulous Charcuterie plate. This is a favorite of mine anytime we dine out. Disney didn’t disappoint! Check out Disney’s full menu list if you’d like to see all of the food featured at this event.

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Entertainment at Festival of The Arts

Inside the World Showplace near the Canada Pavillion, you will find many artists with booths showing off their work. There is also a stage where you will also find one of our favorite artists Trevor Carlton doing his artwork to music. If you haven’t seen him perform that’s something you absolutely have to check out!

Planning A Day At Festival Of The Arts

Honestly, you don’t really need to plan your day unless you want to visit something specific at the festival. When we went to Disney World last year we knew that it was going on but we really didn’t know much about it. When we visit Epcot we pick a side to start and we work our way around the countries.

If your anything like me then you just want to buy something pretty to take home with you as a souvenir. There are plenty of places to take keepsakes home with you. There are several items of Festival gear like wine glasses, hats, coffee mugs, shirts and more.

With the Festival added to our visit we basically extended the amount of time that we spent in each country checking out the Festival offerings while there. That’s the great thing about most of the festivals at Epcot is that you don’t need to plan much, you can just show up and enjoy everything!

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Being that this is the newest festival to come to Epcot,I think that no one really knew what to expect but it has quickly become a fan favorite. We have been to both the Food and Wine Festival as well as the Flower and Garden Festival and we honestly enjoyed all of the Festivals that Epcot offers. They are all uniquely different but all offer great experiences and sights to see.

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