Droid Depot: Everything You Need To Know

Droid Depot: Everything You Need To Know Hollywood Studios 1

This article will cover everything you need to know about the droids that are found in the Droid Depot in Galaxy’s Edge, including their different functions, and how to build your very own droid.

What Is Droid Depot?

The Droid Depot in Galaxy’s Edge is a store that sells droids and droid parts. You can buy all types of droids, from basic models like the PX-Series worker unit to more complex ones like the BT-Droid which will do anything you want!

Where Is Droid Depot?

The Droid Depot is located in the Black Spire Outpost in the heart of Battu inside Galaxy’s Edge. You’ll find it at the back of this marketplace, up against a wall on your left-hand side as you enter and exit.

Do I Need Reservations For Droid Depot?

I highly recommend that you get a reservation here before going. Just to avoid a long wait.

Droid Depot: Everything You Need To Know Hollywood Studios 5

What Are The Personality Chips For Droids?

Personality chips come in a variety of colors, but color is not the only defining characteristic.

Three types of personality chips are available to visitors at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: First Order, Resistance, and Scoundrel. These come in two colors each. They offer two droid character chips, one in each color.

The droids react uniformly but have different responses thanks to the small difference in color even while using identical scoundrel chips.

Droid Depot: Everything You Need To Know Hollywood Studios 6

You’ll be able to identify the chip type by checking a symbol on the back of the personality chip box. First Order personality chips have a First Order symbol, make your droid speak in lower tones, and your droid is more likely to interact with other droids belonging to the First Order.

Resistance personality chips have a Resistance symbol on the back of the box. Droids with this kind of chip are more likely to avoid anything to do with First Order and interact in areas that seem friendlier to the Resistance.

Where Can I Buy A Droid Personality Chip?

You can of course buy personality chips at the Droid Depot, but you can also buy them online after your trip. You can even buy them over on Amazon. Check out the current price here.

How Do You Put A Personality Chip In A Droid?

It’s relatively easy to add a personality chip to your droid from Droid Depot.

Simply pop the back panel off and insert it into the empty slot.

Droid Depot: Everything You Need To Know Hollywood Studios 10

What Are The Droid Depot Color Options?

For the accessory panels, there’s red, orange, royal blue, purple, black, and white. For the decals, there’s red, teal blue, lime green, yellow, orange, and black. This is only for those droids with R-series architecture. For the BB-Series you have red, blue, purple, orange, white and black. New is the transparent red and the red and light blue color scheme for the BB-Series. The new C-Series comes in black with red accents and grey with yellow accents in addition to a red transparent color and the orange and yellow like Chopper. Two cylindrical bodies are offered in this series in both blue and white. This new C-Series also brought with it a new wheel with a grey attachment for the droids that just gotta move.

Droid Depot: Everything You Need To Know Hollywood Studios 11

What Do The Droid Depot Droids Actually Do?

These customizable droids use Bluetooth to communicate with other astromech units on Batuu and at Disney resorts.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Droid At Droid Depot?

To make your own droid, the price is $119.99 and must be paid for in advance before building your custom droid.

How Long Does The Droid Depot Experience Take?

The entire droid building experience takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Guests are given as much time as they need and won’t be rushed to finish, which is beneficial if you need to take a few more minutes.

How Big Are The Droids At Droid Depot?

The BB Series droids are about 7 inches wide. The R-Series droids are approximately 12.5 inches tall. Both styles of droids weigh 3.5 pounds each and come with a hexagon carrying box so you can easily bring your droid wherever you go. The new C-Series droids are about the same size, I was excited to see that you could build your own Chopper from Star Wars Rebels now!

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How Much Is The Droid Depot Backpack?

Carrying backpacks for your droid are also available for an additional cost of $49.99. You can use your Annual Passholders discount for these backpacks.

Droid Depot Mobile App

This was a lot of fun!

Disney now has a free app that you can download to animate your droid unit on the home planet in your personal space.

Even if you haven’t completed the Droid Depot Academy, guests can still forge their own virtual droids via app

You can get it whether you have android or iPhone in the App Store and or in Google Play.

Can I Buy A Droid From Droid Depot Online?

You can’t purchase a Droid Depot droid online at this time. If you don’t live in an area with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, or if you have any other issues that may prevent your attendance to this part of Disney World, then you are flat out of luck unless you want to try your luck at finding a used one on Ebay.

Can I Bring My Droid On A Plane?

The TSA allows you to bring your Droid Depot astromech unit on the plane. It must be turned off before going through security. The airlines will allow one bag and two carry-ons for each traveler with no size restrictions when flying within the United States.

So personally, I would suggest taking your droids in a carry-on, if at all possible to prevent any damage. But if you feel comfortable with it, you can certainly put them in checked luggage as well.

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Is Droid Depot Worth It?

Droid Depot is one of the most interactive experiences in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. I think that this question will be answered differently by a lot of people. Personally, I felt it was more worth it than Savi’s Workshop, but then again Savi’s cost much more. So, in the end, it’s really up to you.

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