Is Fantasmic Worth It At Disney World?

Is Fantasmic Worth It At Disney World? Hollywood Studios 1

*** Unfortunately due to Covid, Fantasmic is currently not taking place. We hope that Disney will bring it back soon!

Disney World is known for having amazing nighttime spectaculars. Over the years we have seen them all and for us, nothing can top Fantasmic as it captures the true essence of Disney World. Now the question remains, is Fantasmic worth it?

Fantastic is a night-time show arranged by Disney World and it’s usually a part of the day-ending tour for most visitors. It packs all the Disney characters in a single show and puts on a magical performance which both kids and adults enjoy. Fantasmic is a live performance that embodies the theatrically magic that is the Disney universe which makes it a must visit.

Millions of people visit Disney World every year to enjoy Fantasmic alongside the usual rides and adventures. So, let’s have a look as to why Fantasmic is so hyped up and whether it’s worth it or not.

Why Is Fantasmic A Must-Experience Activity At Disney World?

Fantasmic was originally brought in to replace the “Sorcery in the Sky” show. But due to its extreme popularity among the fans in a matter of months, the show ended up being a signature Disney World experience. Here are a few of the reasons why Fantasmic is the greatest Disney show of all time:

Is Fantasmic Worth It At Disney World? Hollywood Studios 2

1. Gripping Storyline

Fantasmic is a 26-minute live show where you get to visit the world of Disney from Mickey’s perspective. It starts with a dream sequence after Mickey falls asleep. In his dreams, he visits different realms, meets all the characters, and finally, fights the evil characters to save the realms from their grasp.

The storyline is short and simple and abides by the thematic moral of all Disney movies – the victory of the heroes by vanquishing the villainous characters. The fascinating commentary in the back with the rousing music befitting every scene is enough to make anyone love the progression of the show. And to see it from Mickey’s perspective brings a sense of nostalgia among the viewers as it reminds them of their childhood memories with Disney.

2. Dazzling Effects & Displays

The special effects are probably the greatest part of Fantasmic. As it’s during the night, the amazing fireworks, water projections, special features, and smoke-plays – make the show at least ten times better. From a signature show like Fantasmic, the visitors expect the best viewing experience and thankfully, the show exceeds everyone’s exceptions every single time.

The combination of the special effects with magnificent pyrotechnics throughout the show matches perfectly with the music and fight sequences. The appearance of Maleficent as the big bad mechanical dragon at the very end shows how much effort is put in by the operating team of Fantasmic. Overall, the fascinating special effects make Fantasmic a worthwhile experience of a lifetime.

Is Fantasmic Worth It At Disney World? Hollywood Studios 3

3. All The Characters In A Single Show

If you are an avid Disney fan who has seen all the movies and shows a hundred times, Fantasmic should be a dream come true for you. Several characters from different Disney realms make an appearance throughout the show and help Mickey out with his journey. You get to meet the villains of Disney as well when Mickey has to fight them to save the day.

Even though Disney continues to change the appearances to introduce variety into the show, Mickey often meets Simba, Pumba, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Minnie and Pinocchio. The list goes on, to be honest. And as far villains go, you get to experience the dark sides of Hades, Jafor, Ursula, Maleficent, Scar, and many more.

Is Fantasmic Worth It At Disney World? Hollywood Studios 4

When and Where Does Fantasmic Take Place & How Long Does It Last?

Fantasmic is shown every day, you can get to see it from around 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm depending on the schedule. Again, during peak visiting hours, Disney will often arrange for two shows a night to accommodate more and more visitors. So, if you visit Disney World during peak traveling season, don’t fret if you miss out on the first show as there’s a second one to look forward to.

If there are two shows in a day, the first one is usually held around 9 pm while the next one happens around 10.30 pm. However, during the winter season, they tend to perform the shows after evening hours as it can get pretty cold during the night-time.

The Fantasmic is a continuous live performance that includes over 30 entertaining performances with dazzling pyrotechnics and fireworks. Every show lasts for 26-30 minutes and it takes place in the Rivers of America arena of Hollywood Studios. The amphitheater can accommodate up to 10.9k visitors at once even though there’s a seating arrangement for only 6.9k in the arena.

Should You Get a Dining Package Reservation for Fantasmic?

There are several dining packages available at Hollywood & Vine, The Brown Derby, and Mama Melrose for Fantasmic. With these dining packages, you eat at the chosen restaurant for around the same price you would normally pay and then get a voucher to take with you to the show.

Is Fantasmic Worth It At Disney World? Hollywood Studios 5

How Can You Elevate Your Fantasmic Experience?

Fantasmic is a show where all of the realms come together to tell the story of Disney. With the allure of the razzling special effects or water projections, Fantasmic brings out the true essence of Disney World. Even more so, the cameos remind everyone of the good old days of a simple childhood and that’s where Fantasmic’s greatness lies.

With that said, Fantasmic might be an OG Disney World experience, but there are ways to elevate your experience further. Especially for those who can afford to visit only once in a while, a bad or meagre experience is not how you want to remember Fantasmic.

So, to prevent any mismanagements, always keep a proper schedule of your timing arrangement at Disney. That way, you can get seats for Fantasmic as early as possible without having to miss out on other great activities.

Do not worry if you miss out on the first show for some reason. Show up for the next one instead. The first shows of the day are usually more cramped and frantic anyways.

Furthermore, if you suffer from photosensitivity, make sure to wear proper glasses before you sit as there will be a lot of pyrotechnics and fireworks. Find a seat around the middle area if that’s the case. This will help you to stay dry as well since the water projections can often splash over the front row.

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So, is Fantasmic worth it or not? It is, without a doubt one of my family’s favorite nighttime shows. The gorgeous arrangements and subtle tributes to all the Disney realms ensure both an entertaining and emotional experience. Thus, if you ever happen to visit Disney World, do make sure to keep Fantasmic on your bucket list!


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