Jedi Training Academy At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Jedi Training Academy at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is an absolute must…I repeat MUST do for every single young Star Wars fan. So if you happen to have a young padawan who loves Star Wars, then I’m sure you will find this guide useful.

The Jedi Training: Trials of The Temple is quite a one of a kind experience that you will now only find in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. It is no longer offered at Disneyland.

I know I’ve talked about this a little before in our Magic Kingdom guide. But I wanted to expand upon it a bit and build a short guide for people who want to know more about the Jedi training academy and how it works.

First of all, it’s important to understand a few things.

    • It is for all children 4 years old to 12 years old
    • It’s FREE with your park admission
    • It is first-come-first-serve
    • You can not sign up ahead of time
    • It is way more popular than you think


How To Sign Up For Jedi Training Academy

In order to sign up for Jedi Training Academy, you’ll need to make sure that you are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at rope drop. Preferably near the front of the line.

In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to be AT THE TURNSTILES in front of Hollywood Studios by 8 AM, possibly earlier, purely because of the popularity of the Jedi Training Academy. Hollywood Studios does not open until 9 AM.

Do not be surprised to see many other parents there hoping to get their child into Jedi Training Academy as well. This is a very popular experience and you need to be prepared for that.

Also, pay attention to when Hollywood Studios is running extra magic hours! The last thing you want to be dealing with is the disappointment that comes with missing out. The last thing you want to do is think you are showing up early, only to find that the park has already opened. This changed throughout the year and I strongly suggest that you check Disney’s website to make sure that you don’t run into this. Maybe even call guest services if you want to absolutely be sure.

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Having said that, as soon as you get into the park, walk straight until you see someone holding a sign pointing you to the left. You will walk by 50’s Primetime Cafe’ and just before you reach Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular you will see the signup area on the left.

Pro Tip: Get yourself an 8 AM reservation for breakfast at Hollywood and Vine. You’ll be just down the block from the signup area for Jedi Training Academy and you’ll be in the park ahead of the rest of that crowd. When we do this I check us in at Hollywood and Vine and my husband takes our little one down to get her signed up for Jedi Training Academy.

Side Note: When you are done eating breakfast (if you’re lucky) you can get right on Star Tours after that without much of a wait!

Your child must be with you when you sign them up as they are asked a few simple questions to make sure they can follow instructions without an adult guiding them.

They will then assign you a time to return for the actual experience. You will usually want to show up 30 minutes before the show actually starts. They will work with Fastpasses if they can, but don’t expect much of anything if you are late for the line.

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What Is Jedi Training Academy Like at Hollywood Studios?

The Jedi Training Academy is known to have four regular characters that make appearances. While this can change at any time in the future; I know that they have had Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and The Seventh Sister.

Upon your return time, they will give the kids a robe, name badge, water bottle and of course a lightsaber (ok, a toy one). They do run the show every half hour, and the actual show that your child is in runs 20 minutes long. The times generally run like this:

Here is a great video highlighting what you can expect!

How To Get Great Pictures at Jedi Training Academy

If you have multiple adults in your party, then make sure you have one adult take the children back at your scheduled return time and have another adult go back to the location where this all happens, which is right next to Star Tours.

That way you can find a fantastic spot, early, for some great pictures and video of your child in action! You may need to keep your eyes open for a spot as another show may be finishing, so you can just scootch your way up to the front as people are leaving.

There is ZERO shade for the spectators here, so you’ll want to make sure you hydrate and possibly wear a hat or some other kind of cover.
If you have memory maker they have a Photopass photographer there, so you’ll get some excellent pictures in general on top of any photo and video that you take yourself.

At the end of the show make sure that you connect with the Photopass photographer. He’ll hand you a card that has a number on the back. You then link that to your memory maker and you’re good to go!

Can Adults Join The Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios?

This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is this…

Not normally, but in the past, adults have been allowed to take part in this as well although it is not a normal thing and historically that has only been on May The 4th as part of the May The 4th festivities. Hope you fair as well as those in the video below if you choose to go up against the dark side!


I can’t recommend Jedi Training Academy enough if your kids are die-hard Star Wars fans. It’s an experience that they’ll always remember and you will love watching. It’s absolutely awesome and empowering to see them take on the dark side!

Make sure you check out our articles before you leave. In particular, if you are interested in checking out some other events that take place regularly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Then that guide is perfect for planning your day there.

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