Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips

magic kingdom FastPass+ strategies and tips

Since I’ve already gone through all the other parks at Disney World with my personal FastPass+ recommendations I thought I should do a guide covering Magic Kingdom Fastpass+ strategies. Unlike the other three parks, Magic Kingdom has no tiered system when it comes to FastPass+. Your initial three choices can be any attraction that offers FastPass+, but since there are 25 experiences that offer FastPasses it’s really tough to pick those initial three options.

Magic Kingdom Attractions That Have FastPass+

There are 25 rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom that use Fastpass+

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Barnstormer
  • Dumbo
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle
  • Haunted Mansion
  • “it’s a small world”
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Meet Ariel at Her Grotto
  • Meet Cinderella and Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall
  • Meet Mickey at Town Square Theater
  • Meet Rapunzel and Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall
  • Meet Tinker Bell at Town Square Theater
  • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

So, what I’m going to do, just like in my other FastPass+ guides, is break this down by groups. Because how you spend your FastPasses at the Magic Kingdom will greatly depend on who is in your group. But first, let’s give you a picture of what the FastPass+ groups look like at Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 1

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies For Babies and Toddlers

Let’s start off with my suggestions for those groups visiting Magic Kingdom with babies and toddlers. Just to clarify, today’s suggestions will focus on kids 5 and under and more specifically kids who are under 40 inches tall. Once kids hit that height everything changes because they can start riding some of the big thrill rides.

Like I always say these are just my recommendations specifically from my experiences visiting the parks with my daughter. Every kid is certainly different and has their own favorite character so you may find some of my suggestions may not fit the bill, but I’ll try my best to consider all the options.

I think it’s best to give yourself two days to experience this park, this is especially true if you’re taking little ones for their very first time. But if you’ve only got one day at Magic Kingdom these three are what to consider first.

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Princess Fairy Tale Hall
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle

I say these three specifically because they have no height restriction they are very popular and they tend to have the longest wait times when looking at attractions for this specific age group. These two princess meets are unique because Princess Fairytale Hall features two characters in one line and Enchanted Tales with Belle is a long experience and it’s way more than just meeting a character.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 2
Photo Credit: Disney

So these are the first three attractions to consider booking for a Magic Kingdom FastPass+. However, there are some additional choices that may come into play depending on your child’s height. The first being Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as well as Tomorrowland Speedway and the Barnstormer.

So if you’ve only got one day with the little ones these are the six that you really should consider as your initial three choices. I would personally put Peter Pan and Seven Dwarfs at the top of the list, then there is a group of attractions for this age group that I would classify as good fourth FastPass+ choices. Ones that you can make on the day once you get through your first three. These attractions are…

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Ariel’s Grotto (Meet and Greet)
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers Spin

1 Day Itinerary With Babies and Toddlers

So let’s now look at how you might want to build an itinerary with these FastPass+ choices. First of all, if you’re only doing one day then you absolutely should rope drop the park even if you’re not morning people! Believe me it makes all the difference in the world.

A one-day itinerary with these choices can start by rope dropping the park and heading straight to the hub well before official opening time.

If Seven Dwarves Mine Train is completely out of the picture I would start in Adventureland and work your way through the park clockwise. Rope dropping Adventureland is a great way to start because you can plow through this land easily in the first two hours of the day.

You may have noticed I didn’t mention Mickey Mouse in Town Square Theater and that’s simply because if you’ve only got one day at Magic Kingdom then I would recommend meeting Mickey somewhere else. That way you can maximize your time in the park.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 3

If you happen to be doing the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on standby, then I would be in line for that attraction first then move on to Adventureland.

Once you start in Adventureland I would head straight to the Jungle Cruise first. I tend to skip using FastPass+ here because it’s not really my favorite attraction. But I know that the little kids really enjoy the animal animatronics.

It’s one of those rides that if you wait an hour for it later in the day you may end up feeling like you wasted an hour of your time. So I say do this first thing in the morning bright and early and explore the rest of Adventureland after that.

Technically next on the map you would have Frontierland. Although for this age group this land really won’t be a priority because they’ll be too small to write things like Big Thunder and Splash Mountain.

There are minor things like Tom Sawyer Island and Country Bears but I assume that is not a huge priority for most people. So this is a land you’ll probably breeze on by and the same could even happen at Liberty Square. Mostly because this could be an age group that might get a little bit scared in the Haunted Mansion; specifically the babies. So again briskly moving through this area could end up happening, which gives you more time in Fantasyland.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 4

Members of this group will probably find themselves spending the majority of their day in Fantasyland. If you’re trying to minimize walking then I would suggest starting logically from the west side of Fantasyland and working your way east.

This is where I would put that FastPass+ for Peter Pan’s Flight. Of course, you can standby things like It’s A Small World and then have lunch once you’re in the middle of Fantasyland. A place like Be Our Guest restaurant may work really well, but I’ll leave it to you to decide on how many rides to do before lunchtime.

Once you are done with lunch and possibly even a brief nap if your kiddo needs it, then I would say to freshen up and do the princess meet and greets.

You can get your kids into costumes if you’re doing that and make them look really good for some pictures. Again, this is where I would use my FastPass+ on Princess Fairytale Hall, followed by Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 5

Then once you’ve done those initial three FastPasses, I would get on the ball right away and try and book your fourth FastPass+. Since you’re working clockwise you can do something like Winnie The Pooh or the Ariel’s Grotto (Meet and Greet) next.

After you’ve done your FastPasses and all of the other Fantasyland attractions in the standby line you’ll probably discover that it’s close to dinnertime. You can have a quick dinner at Cosmic Ray’s or backtrack a little bit and enjoy Be Our Guest for dinner if you can score the reservation.

This leaves you with the last few hours of the night in Tomorrowland if your fourth FastPass+ was something like the Tomorrowland Speedway or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, also booking it later into the night should work well.

If you’re planning to watch the fireworks the Tomorrowland bridge could be a good choice because it’s a little less congested than the hub. I find that with really little ones trying to stay away from the worst of the crowds is key to keeping the kids happy.

2 Day Itinerary With Babies and Toddlers

Magic Kingdom is almost always best enjoyed over the course of two days because there is so much to see and do at this park. So now I’ll look at FastPass+ strategies for a two-day itinerary. First of all, with two days I would split up the park and pair up Fantasyland and Adventureland together for one big day at the park.

Making the second day a lighter day experiencing Tomorrowland, a little bit of Frontierland and Liberty Square. If you decide to split the park up like this then I would make the same three initial FastPass+ choices that I did in the previous itinerary… Peter Pan’s Flight, Princess Fairytale Hall and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Following the same idea of doing Adventureland first thing in the morning. The second day is where you can toss all the secondary options in. So I would book something like Buzz Lightyear and Ariel’s Grotto meet and greet. I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s most important.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 6

Now let’s look at building an itinerary with this two-day plan. Since day one has a little bit more packed in I would suggest this being your rope drop day. It’s probably best to always rope drop Magic Kingdom but if you don’t want to do that every day at least try and do it here.

Like I said before, I would rope drop and head straight to Adventureland first to knock out all those rides in the morning. Then we’re looking at Fantasyland and again I would work my way from the west side and working clockwise starting at Peter Pan’s flight.

You can work your way through It’s A Small World, Philharmagic and so on and decide when you want to have lunch. I still always think that doing those meet and greets after a nap is probably a good idea or first thing in the morning.

This is the day I would simply do as much of Fantasyland as you can until the kids poop out. I say focus on the attractions more than the parade and the fireworks and it could mean that you have a semi-early end time. This is great because you can go back to the hotel and have an early night in, that way your second day at Magic Kingdom can be a little less intense.

Rope drop doesn’t have to be as crucial because this is your light day. But if you do get into the park at a reasonable hour this is the day I would suggest starting with the Mickey meet-and-greet in town square before heading into Tomorrowland. If you do it early then you don’t have to worry about a FastPass+ and you can do standby.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 7

Then once you’re in Tomorrowland, you can really experience these attractions in whatever order you like. You can do that FastPass+ for Buzz Lightyear and then enjoy things like the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor and the Peoplemover all at your own pace. Then you can have either a quick lunch and Cosmic Ray’s or do a slight detour to have lunch at Be Our Guest.

If you choose to have an earlier lunchtime you can even take a detour to the hub to watch the parade. But I will admit that I’m always a little bit funny about the parade with this age group. I find that the two-year-olds sometimes are not as willing to sit and wait for a parade in comparison to a seven-year-old. It’s always a hit and miss with the babies and toddlers depending on the kid’s mood and their age, so it’s up to you if this is a priority or not.

After the parade, I would work my way into Storybook Circus to enjoy Dumbo and the Barnstormer. If for any reason you didn’t get to do all of Fantasyland on your first day you can go back in there and do things like Winnie The Pooh and Under The Sea. This is why working from Peter Pan first and then clockwise on the previous day comes in handy. By this point, it may be late afternoon and you’re at the back of the park.

This is where I would suggest taking a train ride from the Fantasyland station back to Main Street where you can exit the park and go back to the hotel for an early dinner. You can enjoy a nice meal away from the crowds and freshen up before an evening back at Magic Kingdom. It makes sense to do an evening at Magic Kingdom on this second day because it makes scoring a good viewing spot for the fireworks much easier as well.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 8

Magic Kingdom Fastpass+ Strategies for Kids (Ages 3-9)

Now, I’m going to move a step up and look at perhaps the most challenging group when it comes to FastPass+ strategies at Disney World’s most popular park. Groups that travel with kids of various ages and heights. I’m talking about groups with kids older than 6 or 7, tall enough to write things like Space Mountain, but also traveling with some toddlers too small to even get on the Barnstormer.

If this sounds like you and your family, then this will be just for you. Like I always say these are just some of my suggestions because it’s virtually impossible for me to give one simple strategy that works for everyone.

With a mixed bag of kids, you never know who likes what attraction or character the most. So please consider these with some flexibility… you are certainly welcome to tailor this to your families specific interests.

Let’s start by looking at the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom and the ones that run out of FastPass+ availability the quickest. The top three choices for this age group in order of most popular to least are…

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Space Mountain

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 9

The first attraction to usually completely run out of FastPasses is the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland. The next group of attractions are also very popular ones that could run out before the day you arrive, specifically during busier parts of the year. In order they are…

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle
  • Remaining princess meet-and-greet locations

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 10

So if something like Peter Pan’s Flight is not something you are considering or maybe all of your kids are a little scared of Space Mountain then the attractions I just mentioned are the next ones to consider heavily.

Next, I have some rides that I think are good fourth FastPass+ options, ones that can be booked on the day your visiting after you’ve experienced your initial three. These are rides that have moderate wait times and while all are rides that you’ll probably really enjoy but don’t necessarily have at the top of your list of priorities. They are…

  • The Jungle Cruise
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
  • Winnie the Pooh

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 11

I also want to highlight three attractions that almost never need a FastPass+. If you’re stuck with limited options I would place these at the bottom of your list of priorities. I can’t think of a time I have ever booked a FastPass+ for any of these even when I was really desperate. These attractions are…

  • Mickey’s Philharmagic
  • Mad Tea Party
  • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 12

Next move into specific choices and strategies when building an itinerary. Like I said previously Magic Kingdom is best enjoyed over the course of two days. This park has a tremendous number of attractions to experience and with any kid, this is the park to dedicate the most time to. But if for some reason you only have one day at the Magic Kingdom then this is how I would first approach a FastPass+ strategy.

1 Day Itinerary With Kids (Ages 3-9)

First of all I would book either Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Space Mountain and rope drop whichever of the two that you don’t get. In a perfect world, I would book Seven Dwarfs and make a beeline for Space Mountain first thing in the morning. But seeing that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is really popular I’m going to assume that you may not get it. My second FastPass+ choice would be Peter Pan’s Flight.

The last choice is between Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, but honestly, Big Thunder Mountain has a slight edge in my book. Also, you need to keep in mind that depending on when you go to Disney, splash mountain closes for maintenance in the winter months so that may not be a viable option.

When it comes to planning your itinerary for the day I would certainly rope drop the park and be ready at the park’s hub before official opening time. Just so you can make your way to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train first. Getting it done first thing in the morning with minimal wait time is my personal preference.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 13

After that I would then quickly move to Enchanted Tales with Belle or a different princess meet-and-greet of your choice. Enchanted Tales with Belle is another one of those attractions that consistently hovers around 45 minutes at least so again it’s best to experience this earlier in the day.

I would then work through as much of Fantasyland as you can in the morning, leaving Peter Pan last with your first FastPass+ reservation of the day. You can experience Peter Pan’s Flight when the park reaches its busiest point in the day around 12 noon just before having lunch.

I personally love to do the quick-service version of Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch. Next, you can move into Liberty Square with a visit to the Haunted Mansion and then move counterclockwise on the map through this land into Frontierland where you’ll get to experience your preferred mountain of choice.

I always say do Splash Mountain first and then do a FastPass+ for Big Thunder Mountain right after, that way you can dry off. So that will be your second FastPass+ reservation for the day. Then you will want to move into Adventureland during the early evening hours where you can experience rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean in the standby line.

I personally like to have an early dinner here with a stop at Skipper Canteen, but if the menu doesn’t fit the bill you can choose another restaurant.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 14

I would finally end my day with an evening visit to Tomorrowland if you’re still trying to rest your stomach from dinner. You can do easy things like the Peoplemover and the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor just before your 3rd FastPass+ reservation at Space Mountain. I would then leave buzz for last when the line starts to die down a little bit or attempt a 4th FastPass+ for it.

Depending on what time the fireworks show is you can quickly jump over to the hub to watch Happily Ever After. But one of the reasons I do Tomorrowland last is because if going to the hub is too stressful, the Tomorrowland bridge is my preferred second viewing option for the popular show.

You’ve probably noticed a few predicaments in this itinerary. First of all it’s very possible that classic attractions like the Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise will have a wait time well over 30 minutes long. Secondly… what about the parade? That’s a difficult thing to add into a jam-packed one day plan. Also, some of these FastPass+ choices are for rides with height restrictions so what do you do with the toddler’s too small to ride.

In this case, let me suggest some places where you can choose to split FastPasses up and use riders switch pass. You can split the group up in whatever works best for you, but a good general rule of thumb is to split the adults up.

That way the kids can ride more attractions without waiting in line. This does mean that some adults may have to sit out of some of the attractions but I think you’ll find my suggestions are not too bad.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 15

One good place to split is at Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, especially since you ride by yourself on Space Mountain anyway. I would have one adult do Space Mountain alone, which will allow the rest of the group to get a rider switch pass.

Then that group can turn around and head for Space Ranger spin using their FastPass+ which is only a few steps away. Another good split is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with a more minor ride, specifically for the toddler. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh comes to mind or even Dumbo, I’m sure an adult wouldn’t mind sitting out one of these classic, yet short, rides.

Finally, another good way to split FastPasses is between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. The toddler does lose out on a FastPass+ here but you can take him or her to do something simple nearby like the Country Bear Jamboree or The Magic Carpets of Aladin.

The only downside of splitting FastPasses on a one-day itinerary is that your return time for the riders switch Pass may conflict with other plans. This is exactly why two days at Magic Kingdom is really helpful, so let’s look at some options for a two-day plan.

2 Day Itinerary With Kids (Ages 3-9)

I like to divide and conquer. Splitting up the park in two days means you can split up the lands as well. I personally like to have a classic day combining Fantasyland and Adventureland and then have a “thrills day” putting Tomorrowland and Frontierland together. For the sake of argument, I’m considering Frontierland and Liberty Square as 1 big “Megaland”.

Splitting the lands up also means that using rider switch pass should be easier since you’ll have more time on your hands. If so I would book the following attractions on day one. I would book Peter Pan’s Flight for everyone along with the princess meet-and-greet of your choice. Remember that Enchanted Tales with Belle tends to run out the fastest.

Then I would split the third FastPass+ between Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and again a minor attraction for the toddler. Day two can involve a lot more splitting up, especially since these two sections of the park are not packed with as many rides as a Fantasyland. I would split Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain up.

For my first FastPass+ split Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear which leaves you with a spare FastPass+ to use on whatever you think is most important. If splitting up and doing riders switch is just too complicated then just stick to Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 16

So let’s look at how to build a two-day itinerary with these choices. On day one I would absolutely rope drop the park and head straight to Adventureland. You’ll find that when you rope drop this land it will be virtually empty and everyone else makes a beeline to something else.

You can blitz through all the attractions here in under two hours, even things like Swiss Family Tree House. I would just make sure to do the Jungle Cruise first, followed by Pirates of The Carribean, then the remainder can be done in whatever order you like.

This means that the rest of your day will be completely dedicated to Fantasyland. There are multiple ways to tour this land, but one way is to start at Peter Pan’s flight with your first FastPass+ of the day. Then just work logically from left to right on the map until you hit lunchtime.

After lunch, everyone can freshen up and then use their second Magic Kingdom FastPass+ on a princess meet-and-greet of your choice. You can continue working your way through the land at your own pace and leave Storybook Circus for the end of the night.

Riding Dumbo at night is absolutely beautiful and you get the best nighttime views of the castle. You can even end your day by meeting some of the fab five at Pete’s Silly Sideshow when the wait times will hopefully be shorter.

dumbo ride magic kingdom

Now you can also do this in the exact reverse order some people love to hit the Casey jr. splash area at high noon when kids are really hot and want to cool off. If so stick to Adventureland first thing in the morning then grab the Train in Frontierland to circle your way to Storybook Circus around the late morning hours.

Then simply do Fantasyland in reverse leaving Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s A Small World last. What this means is that either way, if you want to enjoy Be Our Guest for dinner you can easily schedule that into your evening.

Day two doesn’t have to be as long but it will be packed with the bigger thrills. You don’t necessarily have to rope drop on this day but if you get to the park early this is a good opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse in Town Square then make your way to Tomorrowland. I would focus on the outdoor attractions first earlier in the morning before it gets too hot.

This might be a good time to think about doing Tomorrowland Speedway and Astro Orbiter. Then by midday when you need some shade you can do your FastPass+ split between Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear.

Then you can enjoy a quick lunch at cosmic rays before heading to the hub to watch the festival of fantasy parade. Since this day will have a smaller number of attractions than day one I put the parade and fireworks on this day.

Then after the parade, I would move to the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square; this line may be a little long at this time of day, but I personally don’t mind this particular standby cue because it’s a fun experience.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 17

After you finish Haunted Mansion you can slowly work into Frontierland and do your second FastPass+ selection by splitting up Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. If you have a little one too small to ride then you can take a break at the play area just under the train station.

This may mean you’ll probably be done well before dinnertime which will give you some free time to go back and do something you’ve skipped. Then after dinner, you can snag a really good viewing spot for happily ever after. If scoring a spot somewhere in the hub or Main Street is vital to you I would give yourself at least 45 minutes to an hour before showtime to comfortably choose your preferred location.

Magic Kingdom Fastpass+ Strategies For Teens and Adults

Now it’s time to look at Magic Kingdom for the thrill-seekers. These are Magic Kingdom FastPass+ strategies designed for groups traveling primarily with teens tall enough to ride all of the attractions or even some young adults traveling without children. So I put these suggestions together considering that this group may not prioritize characters or even popular dark rides like Winnie the Pooh or even Peter Pan.

Don’t worry though, if you’re still young at heart there’s room for some of these fun and classic attractions. Some of you will definitely have alternative itineraries depending on what your group enjoys most. So let’s start by looking at good FastPass+ choices for you thrill-seekers spending just one day at the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 18

1 Day Itinerary For Teens and Adults

I normally tell guests traveling with little ones to give themselves two days to enjoy this park simply because there are so many rides to do and it’s the most crowded park of the four. But with this older age group who may not be adamant to meet dozens of princesses or ride all of the dark rides in Fantasyland having one day at this park is fairly manageable.

Depending on the time of year you may find yourself skipping a few attractions, but my FastPass+ suggestions will make sure you get on the big highlights. So the choices here are relatively easy…  in a perfect world, I would get FastPasses for Space Mountain and either Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain. I always say that Big Thunder Mountain has a slight edge over Splash Mountain and finally Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. However, if you are not able to score Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, I would simply use that third choice on the second Frontierland mountain.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 19

If you’re staying off property and can’t get that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ then I would start your date by rope dropping the park and heading straight to Fantasyland first. This ride has wait times that stay consistently long all day. Unlike the other big thrill rides the wait at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train doesn’t go down much even in the nighttime hours, so it’s always best to do it first thing in the morning.

If you did score Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPasses then you may think that rope dropping isn’t necessary. But it can still be very helpful and if you do and honestly I would head straight to Tomorrowland. Since you’ve got a FastPass+ for the lands most popular ride, Space Mountain I would head straight to Buzz Lightyear first and do the standby line. Then blitz through all the other popular Tomorrowland rides that build up quickly. Therefore after Buzz Lightyear, I would do Tomorrowland Speedway and then Astro orbiter.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 20

If you rope drop properly you can get through these three attractions in the first two hours of the day easily. Then I would make my way to space mountain with your FastPass+ reservation after your thrill ride into outer space you can enjoy the smaller attractions in this land like the people mover and the Carousel of Progress.

Alternatively, if you want to get a move on you can start making your way into Fantasyland. I would keep things simple and tour Fantasyland from right to left and just do whatever attractions you want to do stand by, it all depends on your tolerance for the lines. Some easier attractions to do would be Mad Tea Party, Philharmagic and possibly even Under The Sea.

Then around midday, you can use your second FastPass+ reservation on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and after that, I would personally then choose to enjoy the quick service version of Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 21

On the upside, if you time this carefully you can have it that you arrive to the haunted mansion around the parade time. If so, this could really work to your advantage because the festival of fantasy parade draws in crowds from the various lands into the hub. Most attractions experience a small dip in wait times during the Festival of Fantasy Parade, this means you can enjoy Haunted Mansion in the standby line and hopefully a more manageable wait time.

After dinner may be time to score a spot to watch the fireworks and like I’ve said before if you’re hoping to get a prime spot at the hub or even on Main Street I would start lining up 45 minutes to an hour before showtime because this is a very popular show.

If a prime spot is not a priority then you can watch the show from alternative spots, which may make things a lot easier. After the fireworks show, it may be a good time to return to that back corner of Frontierland to enjoy both Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 22

If you’re riding these at this hour in the night I always think it’s best to ride standby on Splash Mountain followed by your FastPass+ reservation on Big Thunder Mountain. Splash Mountain gets really short wait times into the night because most people don’t want to get wet. If getting wet late at night is not ideal then I have an alternative for you if you did score Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with the FastPass+.

You can consider rope dropping the park and heading straight to Splash Mountain in the morning instead of Tomorrowland. If it’s not a very busy day you can easily do both Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain here with really short wait times. Then you can start the rest of your day at the park in whatever order you like.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 23

2 Day Itinerary For Teens and Adults

Next, let’s have a look at some choices to make if you’re planning a two-day itinerary. Allowing two days at this park means you can really soak in a lot of the finer details at Magic Kingdom. With this group specifically looking for the big thrills two days may feel like overkill, but two days also means that you can take nice long meal breaks and even consider leaving the park to a nearby hotel to visit a lounge as well.

I like to combine Tomorrowland and Frontierland together for one big day of thrills and Fantasyland with Adventureland on the second day. Let’s look at some choices for our first day. I would book Splash Mountain somewhere in the middle of the day when it’s really hot, immediately followed by a reservation on Big Thunder Mountain. Then I would book my third FastPass+ for Space Mountain somewhere in the evening hours this means on day two you’ve got a lot of flexibility.

I would certainly make a reservation for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland and a more minor ride that tends to build up long lines like Pirates of the Caribbean. There are some other good alternatives here like the Jungle Cruise or even the Haunted Mansion. Now your third FastPass+ choice can be anything that you and your family finds important.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 24

So let’s now build our two-day itinerary. Day one is a bigger thrill day and I would begin in Frontierland. Now with two days, you may find that rope dropping is not absolutely necessary but if you do like to wake up early you can still rope drop Magic Kingdom and do something quick and easy like meeting Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theatre. Then the rest of your morning can be spent enjoying the smaller details in Frontierland. You can explore Tom Sawyer Island or maybe even do an early ride on the Haunted Mansion before the wait time builds up.

Then around midday, when it’s really hot, you can use that FastPass+ reservation on Splash Mountain, immediately followed by Big Thunder Mountain. Remember, I always think it’s best to get wet first then dry off.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 25

Then you can take some time and enjoy a relaxing lunch. If you decide to stay in this area you can eat at a place like Pecos Bills. However, if your next FastPass+ is for Space Mountain much later in the day you can even consider leaving the park for lunch. This means you can enjoy a restaurant at a nearby hotel on the monorail loop. If you opt for a late lunch you can even add in a stop at Trader Sam’s which opens around 4:00 p.m. This means you can escape the busy midday crowds at the park with the refreshing drink removed from it all.

Then your evening can be spent in Tomorrowland. I would start with your 3rd FastPass+ reservation at Space Mountain meaning that you can enjoy the rest of Tomorrowland at your own pace afterward. If you’re lucky you even might be able to score a fourth FastPass+ on something like Buzz Lightyear. Now alternatively you can opt to stay in the park for lunch, do Tomorrowland in the afternoon, and enjoy dinner at a nearby hotel. For example, you can have a very nice dinner at California Grill at the Contemporary Resort and afterward enjoy a spectacular view of the fireworks from the rooftop of the Contemporary.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 26

Once again, on day two rope dropping may not be absolutely necessary. But if you still arrive at a good time you can head straight to Adventureland first and ride the Jungle Cruise early to avoid those big lines. You can enjoy the rest of this land at a nice slow pace enjoying smaller things like Swiss Family treehouse.

I would leave pirates for last with the FastPass+ reservation around midday when the wait time can build up to over 30 minutes long. Since you’ve only got Fantasyland left to do you have the option to leave the park for lunch and grab a nice relaxing meal.

This may be wise on this day because groups without small children may want to avoid Fantasyland around 1:00 p.m. I call it the witching hour. I always see toddlers having that midday meltdown in Fantasyland around 1 p.m. when they get really hot. So don’t be afraid to stall and venture into this land after 3:00 p.m.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ Strategies and Tips Magic Kingdom 27

You can then use that second FastPass+ reservation at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and continue to tour the land at your own pace and preferred order. Remember, you’ve got that spare FastPass+ so you can book whatever you want that works in your plan. I think Peter Pan’s Flight might be a good choice and this would also be a great day to enjoy dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant which is another fantastic way to end a day at the Magic Kingdom.

Again if scoring a prime viewing spot for fireworks is not a dire need then you can enjoy Happily Ever After from an alternative spot such as the entrance to Under The Sea.


So that just about wraps up my FastPass+ strategies for visiting Magic Kingdom. We’ve covered just about everyone in this post I think, no matter what age the kids are that are traveling with you. Even if you are traveling without children! Just because you don’t have little ones with you doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun-filled day at this park. I certainly hope you found these suggestions helpful and would certainly suggest that you check out my other tips and strategies guides on how to use your FastPass+ best at other parks as well.

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