15 Hotels That Offer Shuttles To Disney World

Hotels & Resorts Near Disney World

Visiting Disney World is a lifetime experience for any person. However, their on-site resorts are not enough to fulfill the overwhelming demand. Moreover, there are certain benefits of staying in a nearby hotel to visit Disney World. By knowing about the nearby hotels that offer shuttles to Disney World, your vacation can become easy and not to mention much more affordable.

In this article, I have listed 15 of the finest hotels of Orlando, which are very close to Disney World. Moreover, they provide regular shuttle transportation to the fantasy world for their guests. I have also elaborated on the benefits of staying at an off-site hotel while visiting Disney World.

15 Quality Off-Site Hotels & Resorts Near Disney World

Here I have listed some fine hotels and resorts that you can stay in to enjoy all the excitements of Disney World. Some of the accommodations are luxurious, and some are very affordable.

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1. Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista

Rosen Inn is only two miles away from Disney World. Moreover, they offer a free shuttle to the Disney World. The hotel has a first-come-first-serve policy about the shuttle service.

You need to be present at the bus stop 10 minutes before the departure time. However, you cannot carry any large luggage in the shuttle service.

2. Liki Tiki Village by Diamond Resorts

You can enjoy many recreational activities in the hotel. Moreover, the price of the hotel is also affordable.

They have four shuttle services to different Disney locations starting from 7.05 am in the morning. Return shuttles begin from 6.00 pm. However, you can take a single stroller in the shuttle.

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3. Courtyard by Marriott Orlando Lake Buena Vista

This hotel is only three miles away from Disney World. They offer complimentary shuttle service to the fantasy world since they are a Good Neighbor hotel partner of Disney World. Besides, you will like their heated pool and the fitness center.

4. Ramada Plaza by Wyndham

Ramada offers a shuttle service that will connect you with the Disney transport system to all the main attractions of the magic world.

From 7.20 am to 12.35 pm, they have three shuttle services. However, they will not allow you to take the shuttle if you have more than 13 people.

5. Avanti Resort

This well-managed resort has free Wi-Fi service and an outdoor pool bar for your recreation. Their shuttle services to Disney World begin at 9.10 am.

However, you have to show a voucher for the shuttle service that you can get from the concierge desk. Unfortunately, they will not allow you to have any food or drinks in the shuttle service.

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6. Melia Orlando Suite Hotel

You can book a one or two-bedroom suite of this hotel for your stay in Orlando while visiting Disney World.

They provide a fully functional kitchen for the guests. The shuttle service to Disney World of this hotel is free for the guests. Moreover, you can buy different tickets to Disney World from the hotel authority.

7. The Point Hotel and Suites

This hotel is perfect for large families. You can stay in a suite with up to 8 family members. There are two shuttle services to Disney world from this hotel.

One starts at 8.50 am and the other at 11.25 am. However, the accommodation of the shuttle is limited and has a first-come-first-serve policy.

8. Rosen Shingle Creek

You will find a heated pool and an attractive video arcade in this hotel. You will also love the on-site ice creamery. The shuttle service of this hotel to Disney World is not free. You need to pay a minimum charge for it.

9. Grande Villas Resort by Diamond Resorts

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10. Cypress Pointe Resort

This resort is a sister concern of the Grande Villas Resort. The spacious suites of this resort can accommodate large families conveniently.

Kids love the waterslide and volcano pool of the resort. You can use their free shuttle service to Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

11. Holiday Inn & Suites

Apart from all other facilities, this hotel has a video game room for gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, all the suites have a mini kitchenette, a mini-fridge, and a coffee maker.

The resort has two shuttle services to Disney World. One for the Magic Kingdom and the other for the Hollywood Studios.

12. Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa

This hotel is famous for many family-friendly activities like barbecue grills, basketball, bicycle rides, etc.

Their free shuttle service to Disney World will drop you at Epcot Center. From there, you can use Disney Transportation to get to your desired amusement destination.

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13. Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate

The family pool of this resort is an exciting feature. Moreover, you will love the golf court of the resort.

The resort offers a complimentary shuttle transport service to Disney World for its guests. However, you need to book the service a day before the journey day.

14. WorldQuest Orlando Resort

The layout of this resort resembles ordinary houses. It is perfect for enjoying some quality time with your family. There is a shuttle service to Disney Transportation. However, they provide the shuttle service only twice a day.

15. Homewood Suites by Hilton International Drive

Apart from Disney World, they also offer free shuttles to Universal Studios and SeaWorld. However, you need to reserve your position in the shuttle a day before the journey.

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Benefits of Staying in an Off-Site Hotel to Visit Disney World

Many people think it is more convenient to stay in a Disney World resort to enjoy all the wonders of the magic world. However, staying in an off-site hotel to visit the fantasy world has some benefits of its own.

Saves Money

The main advantage of staying in a close-by hotel to visit Disney World is saving money. The rent for the Disney resorts is much higher than the nearby hotels.

However, lower rent does not always mean a low-quality hotel service. There is intense competition among the nearby hotels to attract Disney visitors. So, they need to offer quality accommodations while keeping the cost low.

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Ensures Comfort

Many people have a favorite chain hotel. At first, they look for their desired hotel when they travel somewhere. Moreover, some chain hotels provide loyalty rewards and discounts for their regular clients.

Your stay in Orlando can be more comfortable if you stay in a hotel that you are familiar with from the beginning. At least you will always know what kind of service to expect from the hotel authority.

Convenient Location & Shuttle Service

Keeping in mind the immense popularity of Disney World and some other theme parks around Orlando, investors have set up hotels in convenient locations. Some of the hotels are only two or three miles away from Disney World.

Besides, you will hardly feel any difference from staying in an off-site hotel because of the complimentary shuttle services.

Bottom Line

Different hotels that offer shuttles to Disney World have distinct policies for their shuttle services. The rules and procedures of having the shuttle service also vary from hotel to hotel. Before booking any hotel service near Disney World, you should discuss the terms of their shuttle service beforehand.

Before you leave, make sure you read our full guide to planning a Walt Disney World vacation so that you are fully prepared for your next trip!


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