Can A Convicted Felon Go To Disney World?

Can A Convicted Felon Go To Disney World? Planning 1

Disney World is one of the most popular destinations worldwide for families to spend their vacations. There are a few rules in this place to ensure children’s safety, as the place caters mostly to their amusement. This might lead someone to question: can a convicted felon go to Disney World? Let’s check their rules and find out.

The standard guest guidelines at Disney World are quite simple for everyone. Their stance on convicted felons, on the other hand, is pretty reserved. The park has the right to refuse entrance, bar entry, or ask visitors to leave.

So, if they are suspicious that someone might be harmful or dangerous to the other guests, they can take action and be within their rights. Please keep reading to learn more!

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The Rules For Convicted Felons In Disney World —Especially Sex Offenders

If someone is a convicted felon—especially a sex offender—there are certain rules. Since Disney World is in Orlando, Florida, these rules would have to come first. If the sex offender is under probation or supervision when they are going to Florida, the state’s law prohibits them from entering amusement parks.

According to the state of Florida’s laws, the state can stop sex offenders who are on probation, parole, or supervised release. And that rule applies to amusement parks, schools, parks, and even playgrounds when it comes to sex offenders. So, unless the person is free from any of these rules or their supervising officer approves of it, they cannot enter.

Therefore, the rules for any convicted felon depend on the authority of Disney World. But for sex offenders, there is a line. Unless they are completely free of all charges or supervision, it is best if they do not go.

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What Can People With A Past Criminal Record Do To Go To Disney World?

If you have had a criminal record in the past and have no current charges, then do not worry too much. Because the authorities usually take these situations on a case-by-case basis. So, your best bet would be to call the authorities directly and ask what to do in the situation. It is not that simple, though—let me tell you why, and how you can do it.

Call Disney World

Call a helpline to get to Disney World anonymously. Ask them if there is a process for ex-convicts to verify their current situation. And also make sure to know what their current policies are for someone who has been convicted of a felon. You can say you are asking for a friend, so you do not tell on yourself. Additionally, ask them if they go case-by-case in these situations.

Verify Your Current State

Depending on what information you have on Disney’s policies about this, take some kind of verification with you. This can be a signed document from a legal professional or judge that proves your identity as a non-dangerous convict. It would also be helpful to have documents that show that you have been through a rehabilitation process.

Take Note of Nearby Hotels’ Policies

If you are traveling to Disney World, you probably have plans to stay at a nearby hotel. So before you head out, check what the hotel’s policies are about past convicts. This will save you a lot of time and harassment if you check beforehand.

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25 Travel Rules To Disney World

When you travel to Disney World, there are some general rules everyone has to follow. These rules include health precautions and things you cannot bring or do on the Disney World property. There are a lot of policies in the main rulebook, but here are the 20 most important ones you should remember before and during your time in the amusement park.

3 General Health Rules

The three main health rules have been there since the start of Covid-19. Everyone has to make sure they are following these guidelines before they enter.

  • Make sure you are not going through any detectable or visible symptoms of COVID-19. For example, fever, cough, fatigue, body aches, loss of taste or smell, etc.
  • You cannot enter if you have been in close contact or any contact with someone who has COVID-19 or similar symptoms.
  • If you are under any self-quarantine orders, you cannot enter.

5 General Rules

The general rules are rules on extra items, child supervision, smoking, etc. These rules cover a lot of the policies to ensure the safety of you and your company.

  • Make sure to have your bags ready for check-in. The security personnel can select you at random to have a security check on your bags and belongings.
  • Disney has the right to refuse any bag or item. They are also not responsible for any belongings that you leave unattended.
  • You cannot carry any firearms, ammunition, knives, or any weapons of any kind with you.
  • Due to Florida’s current laws, smoking marijuana or any other illegal substance is also not allowed. There are designated areas for smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes, or vapes.
  • All children need a supervisor with them. Anyone who is under 14 years old should have someone older with them to enter a theme park or water park. And to board anything else, children under age 7 should have someone older than 14 years old with them.

8 Rules On Prohibited Items

Just like personal health, Disney World also makes sure that you do not put someone else’s health at risk. So they have rules in place about things you cannot bring to the park under any conditions. These are the things you cannot carry with you when you enter Disney World.

  • Firearms, ammunition, knives, or any other kind of weapon.
  • Self-defense items like mace, pepper spray, etc.
  • Marijuana in any form or any illegal substance.
  • Objects that look like firearms or weapons.
  • Any explosive or flammable objects like fireworks, and smoke or fog machines
  • Alcoholic beverages and glass containers except in specific spaces.
  • Horns, whistles, or megaphones that can create a lot of noise.
  • And other specific rules for the recreational centers inside Disney World.
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9 Rules On Prohibited Activities

Aside from harmful items, there are also activities that Disney World does not allow for health and business purposes. A lot of these relate to the security measures that the amusement park has. So, make sure to be extra careful about these rules before you enter the park.

  • Engaging in any activity that is unsafe and can cause harm to the amusement park’s property or any part of it.
  • Recording anything in photographs, videos, or in any other way for commercial use.
  • Unauthorized events, speeches, or using any flag, banner, sign, or other material for commercial purposes or a demonstration.
  • Obstructing sidewalks, entrances, driveways, or any path for movement.
  • Selling any goods or services or displaying goods or services without authorization.
  • Going into any backstage areas or areas only for staff.
  • Wearing proper clothing at all times, and not wearing any costumes in the theme parks, water parks, or other places for people older than 14.


Well, even though Disney World is a world of excitement and fun, there are some restrictions to abide by. So ultimately, in certain cases, a convicted felon can go to Disney World. There are some rules for them, and many others for everybody else.

I hope that this article answered your questions about the Disney World regulations when it comes to a convicted felon, especially if you need this information because you are currently planning a Disney vacation. Thanks for stopping by!


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