Can You Bring A Hydro flask To Disney World?

can you bring a hydro flask to disney world

If you are planning a trip to Disney World, you have to prepare many necessities that you’ll need to bring along. And one of the main necessities is water. Because, oh boy, will you get thirsty walking around those huge parks. And one of the best ways to carry water is in a Hydroflask. But, Can You Bring A Hydro flask To Disney World?

According to Disney World policy, you can bring a Hydro flask to Disney World. Only bottles and containers made of glass are not allowed in Disney World. As Hydro flask is made of steel, it is not prohibited. Additionally, can only carry only non-alcoholic beverages inside your Hydro flask inside Disney World.

So, if you’re planning to bring a hydro flask with you, check out this article for a few helpful tips on which hydro flask is best to carry, how to carry it, and what you can bring in it to stay hydrated. Curious about what else you can bring to Disney? Continue Reading.

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Rules To Carry A Hydro flask In Disney World

Although there are many things you cannot bring inside Disney World, a hydro flask is not one of them. One can bring their hydro flask inside Disney World as long as it does not violate the following rules of Disney World:

As hydro flasks are made of stainless steel, it will not cause a stir in security checkups. However, security will most definitely inspect the liquid content inside the flask. You could get into trouble if you are carrying alcohol. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Given that you don’t breach these two prohibitions, you can easily carry a hydro flask in Disney World.

Which Type Of Hydro flask To Carry To Disney World?

There are various types, specifically, sizes of Hydro flasks available. Hence, to find the best fit for you, you need to consider your water intake and the amount of time you’ll spend at Disney World.

A standard size to consider is 32 oz Hydro flasks. 24 oz hydro flasks are too small to carry enough water, whereas 40 oz is a bit too big to carry around freely. On top of that, 64 oz bottles will be too heavy to bring in Disney World. You will get refill stations around the park so you don’t have to worry about water shortage. Hence, the perfect size for one is 32 oz.

Nonetheless, if you’re planning a family trip and want to take fewer items, then you can opt for a 40 oz bottle to cover for you and your partner. Moreover, 12 oz hydro flasks are perfect for kids so they can carry around their bottles freely.

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Can You Bring Alcohol Inside Your Hydro flask? 

According to Disney World’s policy, no type of alcoholic beverage is allowed to be brought inside Disney World by the visitors. Hence, visitors cannot carry alcohol in their hydro flask.

Nonetheless, the security will not seize your drink at the entrance. Rather, they’d just politely decline your entry inside Disney World with that drink, implying that you should take it back to your hotel room.

Although guests won’t be allowed to bring any type of alcohol inside Disney World, they’ll get many of such beverages inside Disney World that they can enjoy. So, don’t even bother trying to go through the hassle of sneaking in a drink or two.

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What Are The Chances That Your Hydro flask Will Be Checked?

Hydro flasks are more likely to be checked compared to other containers. Usually, security doesn’t check water bottles at the entrance as they are transparent, so the content inside them is visible. As hydro flasks are opaque, the drink inside them is not visible hence the guards check them.

Ordinary plastic or glass bottles tend to be transparent or translucent hence if you bring any drink inside it, it will be visible. So, unless the guards detect anything suspicious, they won’t check such bottles. However, hydro flasks are stainless steel metal containers, which makes it difficult to determine what’s inside the container.

This is why hydro flasks undergo inspection by opening their lid and checking the content inside. Therefore, it’s better to not take any risk by bringing something illegal or prohibited. Just don’t be sus and you’re good to go!

Why Bringing Your Own Drinks Might Be A Good Idea?

Beverages, meals, and any item, in general, is on the pricy side inside Disney World. If you have planned your trip on a budget or if you want to save up some bucks on drinks, then it’s better to bring your own drinks from outside.

 Bringing water inside your hydro flask is practically meaningless as you can get free water inside Disney World easily. The water fountains across Disney World are the perfect spot to refill your flask. Alternately, if you want chilled water then you can also get free ice water from any of the quick-service dining locations in Disney World.

As the drinks inside Disney World are expensive, you can opt to bring your own to cut down on some expenses. In this way, you will get to spend more on other Disney World exclusive items. And although carrying ice water is the go-to for hydro flasks, there are many other drinks you can bring it in to satisfy your craving for a cool beverage on your trip.

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What To Bring In Disney World To Stay Hydrated?

Bringing hydrating drinks is essential on this trip. Besides, you don’t have to worry about dehydration or running out of water as there will be numerous refill stations like water fountains for a quick refill or quick-service dining locations for iced water refills.

Additionally, many people have the misconception that you have to carry empty bottles or flasks to Disney World, but that is not the case. Security check-ups will only require you to open your lid to check the content of the flask because hydro flasks are opaque, they won’t tell you to empty it. So, you don’t need to carry empty water bottles to Disney World.

Therefore, you can bring any liquid you want. However, I’d suggest bringing hydrating drinks like chilled water, any hydrating sports drinks like Gatorade, orange juice, etc. You can also bring your favorite drink like iced tea, ice americano, any soft drinks, etc. Just remember: as long as you don’t carry alcohol in your flask, you’re good to go.

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Can You Bring Water Bottles To Disney?

You can bring water bottles to Disney world as long as they are made of plastic. Do not bring any glass water bottles and you will be good to go.

As you have probably learned by now, carrying any sort of water container is totally fine on your trip to Disney World. So, what’s left to think about is safety. Glass bottles can break and cause accidental harm to you or others visiting the famous amusement park.

That is why visitors are prohibited to bring glass bottles in. But plastic bottles are completely fine. In fact, I very much encourage you to bring your drinkables in plastic bottles.

Concealed containers like hydro flasks can raise suspicion and cause unnecessary hassle to you when passing through the main gates. Officials may want to look into your flask just to make sure you are not bringing in any alcohol.

So, if you don’t have any beverages that require you to keep them hot or cold, plastic bottles are definitely the way to go.


In conclusion, if you have wondered ‘Can You Bring A Hydroflask To Disney World?’ then it’s safe to say, you now know that you very much can. Bring any hydrating drink of choice in your hydro flask and make sure to drink plenty of that fluid because you’ll need it!

Make sure you come back for more tips on planning your next Disney World vacation as well!


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