Can You Bring Your Pet to Disney World?

Bring your pet to Disney

If you love Disney and you have a pet you have been there. So you’re going on a Disney vacation. Great! You have thought of everything. Sunscreen check, ponchos check, extra memory cards check. Then it hits you! What will you do with Spot your beloved canine companion? What about Whiskers? All of a sudden the thought of being so far away makes you feel worried and a bit sad. “If only I could take you with me” you tell them. Well if you ever wondered if you could take your pet to Disney, we have answers!

Can I take my pet to Disney?

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The short answer is yes. There are several options available!

Can I have my cat/dog in my hotel room?

Yes to dogs, no to cats. There are other options for cats and other small pets though. At this time only dogs are allowed to stay in your hotel room, and only at certain dog-approved hotels. Disney has its own pet-friendly resort that allows anything from dogs and cats to pocket pets and even birds! Let’s look at some of the dog-friendly options.

Dog Friendly Resorts

  • Art of Animation $50.00 pet cleaning fee
  • Port Orleans Resort Riverside $50.00 pet cleaning fee
  • Disney’s Yacht Club $75.00 pet cleaning fee
  • The Cabins at Fort Wilderness $50.00 pet cleaning fee
  • Fort Wilderness Campground RV loops ( some locations)

These resorts have certain areas allocated within the resort for your furry best friend. Walking paths and puppy potty areas help make sure that Fido has everything he needs to be comfortable.

Only 2 dogs are allowed per room. All doggy guests are expected to be well behaved, on a leash outside the room at all times, and fully vaccinated.

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Other than service dogs, no dogs are allowed to enter the theme parks, water parks, or common areas.

Upon arriving you will be given a special complementary Pluto’s Welcome Kit. This kit comes with feeding mat, bowls, disposable plastic potty bags, ID tag, puppy pads, dog walking map, and a Pluto do not disturb door hanger. You must supply your own food, treats, leashes, and other necessary supplies.

You are allowed to leave your pooch in the room while you are in the parks. This is only recommended if you know your dog will be chill and happy without you there. Otherwise, you may want to bring them over to Disney Pet Resort Best Friends Daycare. They will have full supervision there and you can even add on special services if you wish.

Disney housekeeping will not enter your room to clean unless you are present with your dog.

What do I do with my cat, bird, hamster, etc ?

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You can bring your cat or pocket pet ( birds, hamsters, gerbils, etc.) to Disney’s pet-friendly resort. Disney’s Best Friends Pet Hotel can accommodate a variety of small pets but you should call ahead to confirm availability.

What is exactly Best Friends Pet Hotel?

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Best Friends Pet Hotel is located on Disney Property across the way From Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. This pet resort is not an ordinary boarding kennel. Best Friends Pet Hotel offers everything from a day stay to overnight care. It has many add-on options you can customize to give your best friend the relaxing vacation they deserve.

They even offer the ability to be able to check on your beloved companion via PetChatZ. PetChatz enables you to use your cell phone to view your pet for better piece of mind. These cameras are stationed in the puppy day camp rooms and in some of the boarding suites. You can even dispense treats! Best Friends Pet Hotel also encourages you to call and check on your pet if you have any concerns.

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A basic play and stay will run you around $45.00 for your dog, $28.00 for cats, and $13.00 to $25.00 for pocket pets. They also offer doggie day camp which starts around $30.00 per session with discounts for each additional add-on.

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What makes this resort so awesome are the add on’s and special touches. You can order tuna on a Ritz for your finicky feline, frozen bone broth pops for your dog, and much more. Is your pet totally posh? For an extra charge, you can order bottled waters for your pet to drink. After all, Princess would never touch that tap water stuff.

Pets must be fully up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and at least 4 months old. Senior pets are welcome.

Luxury Pet Accommodations

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Best Friends Pet Hotel offers luxury accommodations. Yes, your dog can relax in comfort and watch all the Disney movies they want from an air-conditioned private luxury suite or villa!

Vacation Villa At $103.00 a night offers bone broth pops, a potty walk, flat screen tv, premium bedding, private outdoor space, and a Petchatz webcam unit.

You can call to book these new suites anytime for arrivals starting March 22 2022 or later.

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Luxury suites are available for $129.00 and include 2 potty breaks, bone broth pops, a flat-screen tv, playtime, premium bedding, and private outdoor space, Petchatz webcam unit, 129 square feet of indoor space, and 2 15 minute sessions of playtimes or play and stay.

Club Suites are $299.00 and include 2 potty walks, personal concierge, bone broth pops, premium bedding, flat-screen tv, Petchatz webcam unit, 182 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, a Best Friends tote with seasonal gifts. If staying 3 or more days a Go Home Fresh Bath will also be provided.

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Can I get pet food on property?

No. Disney does not sell pet food on property. You have the option of bringing in your own, ordering it online to be delivered to your resort, or going off Disney property to a local pet store or retail store.

My happens if my pet gets sick at Disney?

Best Friends Pet Hotel has veterinary care available. There are also several Veterinary Care Clinics just off property.

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Is my pet allowed in the theme parks or at Disney Springs?

No. Only service animals are allowed access to those areas. Likewise pool areas, restaurant’s, and shops are also off limits.

Is my pet allowed on Disney transportation?

Dogs and pets in general are not allowed on Disney transportation.

Does Disney sell pet merchandise?

Yes! You can find a large variety of merchandise for you pets On Disney property. Everything from Spirit Jerseys, collars, leashes, bowls, toys, treats, and even Mickey Ears! Pet merchandise can be found both in Disney Springs Co-op Marketplace and at all four theme parks.

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I LOVE the idea of bringing my fur babies along with me on vacation. Knowing they are safe, happy, and secure helps me to relax and enjoy myself more. I feel a little less guilty giving Pluto that big hug knowing my best friends are getting some special treatment of their own.

Do you plan on bringing your pets with you on your next Disney Vacation? There are so many great options available and your pet will be happy knowing mom and dad are nearby. In fact, you may have trouble getting them to want to go home!

Make sure you check out other Disney trip planning tips before leaving and have a magical day!


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