Can You Fly A Drone At Disney World?

Can You Fly A Drone At Disney World?

Going to Disney World is a unique experience that most children, and sometimes even parents, want to experience at least once. And when you do get to go there, it is natural to want to keep the memory intact with photos and videos. A camera is pretty common, but can you fly a drone at Disney World?

In general, each of Disney’s amusement parks has its own set of rules when it comes to drones. But in general, at Disney Amusement parks the rules for recreational items like drones are strict. You are not allowed to bring things like drones, remote-control toys, skateboards, scooters, or shoes with built-in wheels.

The reason for this is the safety of every guest in the amusement park. The fewer moving and electronic devices you can bring, the safer more people in the area will be. Disney has similar rules in place for moving toys, strollers, or even bags and backpacks.

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Why You Can Not Fly A Drone At Disney World?—The ‘No-Fly’ Rule

Disney World has multiple reasons to make their park a “no-fly” zone. A no-fly zone is a certain area that does not allow any kind of flying device within 3000 feet of its height from the ground. This includes drones, small aircraft, large aircraft, etc. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared Disney World a no-fly zone after the 1990s.

There are extra rules for the “no-fly” deal. You are also not permitted to fly anything within two miles of the surrounding area. Now, this started with protecting the animals in and around the park. But it has expanded for other reasons since then.

Scaring Animals

In the 1990s, Disney World opened its Animal Kingdom park. It attracts a lot of tourists and guests, and the animals depend on Disney for their survival. In this situation, the noise and movement of airplanes or any kind of aircraft (including drones) can scare the animals that live there.

As a result, Disney World began restricting flights near their park. This was not an official law at the time, but the FAA made one later.

Too Many Advertisements

It is a common way of advertising to use aircraft with banners flying over places. And since Disney World is so popular, it was no question that advertisers would try to use that opportunity. It was a chance for free advertising, and there was too much of it in the DW airspace.

Disney, of course, did not want to give away this opportunity. So the no-fly rule also applies here. And before you ask, yep, you can advertise using drones, too. But not in Disney World anymore.

The 9/11 Incident

The series of events that occurred on September 11, 2001, made everyone afraid to gather in large places to this day. A large gathering could become a target for an attack of a similar kind, so parks and gathering zones took note of that. Disney World did the same and applied the no-fly rule here too.

This deadly incident made the rule more permanent and set it in stone for Disney World. According to FAA regulations, you cannot fly or pilot an aircraft within 3000 feet of the ground at Disney World. The FAA rules also say that you have to fly a drone under 400 feet. So the bottom line is that you can’t fly a drone in Disney World.

‘Operation Liberty Shield’

Operation Liberty Shield is a national plan of the United States. This plan makes sure that government and military institutions and areas are protected as no-fly zones. But why does it include Disney World? Because Disney World is a place that millions of people visit every year.

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What Happens If You Fly A Drone In Disney World?

Many visitors are aware that flying a drone is not permitted in Disney World. The only exception to that rule is if you get authorization from the FAA itself. That is not easy to do. What if you are apprehended with the drone? You’ll get into legal trouble with Disney and the FAA itself.

It is easy to accidentally use your drone on Disney World property. But even if it was not on purpose, Disney has the right to hold you to their law. This means you may either get a small fine or a serious warning. The fine for accidental use can be a couple hundred to thousands of dollars.

But if you willingly and knowingly bring the drone onto the property, the result can be brutal. According to unofficial sources, piloting a drone on Disney World property can get you a $5000 fine and up to a year in prison. 

What Else Does Disney World Not Allow?

For safety and commercial reasons, Disney World has a lot of other rules in place. These include things you cannot bring into the area and things you cannot do. The drone is not the only item that Disney World prohibits; there are more.

Here is a list of some of the items you cannot bring to Disney World. Keep in mind that breaking these rules can get you into legal trouble with Disney World.

Prohibited Items

Below is a list of things you cannot bring to Disney World. Still, some of these items are allowed when you follow Disney’s specific rules for them. Make sure to do your own research about the specific rules for each item before planning to bring them to Disney World.

Potentially Harmful Devices

These devices include firearms, ammunition, knives, and other weaponry. You cannot bring self-defense items like pepper spray or even mace. Objects that are flammable, like fireworks or smoke machines, are also not allowed.

Again, make sure that a child is not bringing a toy that looks like a firearm. Because that can also make the security in Disney World ask you in for questioning.

Drugs And Beverages

Drugs like marijuana and anything containing marijuana are not allowed on Disney World property. This rule also applies to other illegal substances. If you are thinking about smoking, you are allowed to do that in certain places. But the substance must not be anything other than tobacco or a legal vapor machine of some kind.

The beverage rule applies to alcoholic beverages only. You are not permitted to bring any alcohol to Disney World. You are allowed to consume it at the Disney Resort Hotels and on the Galactic Starcruiser. These specific rules apply to wine as well.

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Bags, And Photography Items

There are measurements for bags, suitcases, coolers, and backpacks with or without wheels. If your baggage falls under these measurements, you are good to go. When it comes to photography equipment, selfie sticks, hand-held extensions for cameras, and mobile phones are not allowed in the parks.

There are specific rules for tripods and monopods as well. If these items are taller than 6 feet, you can not bring them to the parks. This also does not seem to include cell phone gimbals. These rules are specific to certain areas inside the park. If you intend to bring any, make sure to double-check the measurements on the official website.

Miscellaneous Objects

These objects are seemingly random. But Disney World does not allow them for safety issues. This includes horns, whistles, megaphones, and anything that makes too much noise. Disney also does not allow folding chairs in the parks.

Additionally, you can not bring balloons into the Animal Kingdom theme park, water parks, and other parks. Plastic straws are also something you can not bring into the same places.

Although these items are some that you can not bring into DW, please check specific rules before you carry them with you. There are many more rules that Disney updates and changes all the time.


It’s only natural that Disney World has a concern for the safety of every one of its guests. Hopefully, you are still not wondering if you can fly a drone in Disney World. Make sure to check all of their item rules while planning your trip to Disney World and enjoy every second of your trip!


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