Can You Use Cash At Disney World?

can you use cash at disney world

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Can You Use Cash At Disney World? Here’s What You Should Know

Walt Disney World has been on your bucket list since your childhood. It is now time to dive into the crazy amusements of the home of Mickey and Minnie. Now, of course, the most famous amusement park in the world will support cashless options like debit and credit cards. But, many new to visiting Disney World wonder, can you use cash at Disney World?

You can use all the services of Walt Disney World with cash. However, the parks always encourage cashless and contactless transactions. There are also several advantages you can enjoy if you use credit or debit cards. You can also use other less conventional payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many other non-cash payment systems.

In this article, I will elaborately discuss whether you can use cash in Disney World or not. Besides, I will also talk about some problems of carrying cash and which payment method would be best for you. So, keep on reading to get a full idea on the topic at hand. 

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Paying At Disney World

Disney World accepts cash for all of its services. However, Disney always encourages the use of cashless and contactless methods of payment.

Recently, Disney has even introduced various non-conventional payment systems to accept cashless payments for purchasing food and merchandise. Besides credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Disney Gift Cards are also accepted.

Disney developed the “My Disney Experience App”, to facilitate food purchases with great flexibility and ease.

You can browse the food menus of several dining locations at Disney World in the app and place your order there. You can even pay for the food with your preferred contactless payment option in the app.

The Issues With Carrying Cash

There are multiple reasons for carrying as little cash as possible and paying using cashless methods as much as you can on your trip to Disney World or anywhere else for that matter. Let’s take a look at some of them.

May Distract Your From The Fun

If you carry cash, half your mind will be busy worrying about the safety of the money. And there are definitely reasons to be worried when walking through the large crowds and getting on all the crazy rides. As a result, the fun might be spoiled.

You Might Lose The Money

Losing your wallet is not uncommon when you are on a vacation. And it can seriously ruin everything for you on your trip to Disney World. Also, there is a minuscule chance of getting pickpocketed when walking amidst the crowd.

Chances Of Damage

While having blasts of fun at Disney World, it is very much possible for you to forget about the safety of the money. Imagine going to Disney Water Park and forgetting all about your wallet. Your money could get soaked in water.

Various Situations When Cash Might Be Necessary

However, there are some scenarios where you will need some cash on hand. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Tipping For Mousekeeping

The Disney World Resort gives you the option to purchase their cleaning service called Mousekeeping. If you decline the service, you will get $10 for each night you spend there. However, not many people like to do the cleaning on their vacations. If you are one of them, you should avail the Mousekeeping service.

You can pay for Mousekeeping with a cashless method. But to tip the housekeeper, you will need cash. Suppose you are staying at a deluxe resort with a family of five. If you spend five nights, you should at least tip $25 to the housekeeper. And I don’t think I have to explain why you’ll need cash for that. Realistically, there aren’t many resort employees walking around with mPOS machines for tips.

Cash When Dining

The My Disney Experience App has made the ordering and paying for food super easy. You can pre-order your dinner and later use the button “I Am Here. Prepare My Food” to make them start preparing your food.

Nobody will ask you to pay cash in any of the dining spaces. However, can you ignore the urge to tip the waiter at the restaurant?

For The Iconic Balloons

For a long time, the balloons with a silhouette of Mickey have been the symbol of Disney World. Your kids may start a fuss if you do not hand them some of those balloons.

You can only buy those iconic balloons with cash. So, while planning your tour, keep a budget of $20 in cash for the balloons. Apart from the balloons, you will find various other cart vendors inside Disney World, where you must pay in cash.

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What Is The Best Way To Pay At Disney World?

Of all the payment options in Disney World, I like the Magic Bands the most. The ordinary-looking, colorful wristbands work like magic. You can sync the band with your bank account, credit cards, or other cashless payment options and pay for the services you enjoy at Disney easily and effortlessly.

What Is A Magic Band?

The magic bands at Disney World are a safe and effortless way to pay for the services you enjoy. This nifty little device can be synced with your bank account or other virtual wallet to make payments easier on your stay at disney world.

These bands are equipped with an RFID chip that can communicate wirelessly with Disney’s payment scanners. They also act as keys to your hotel room.

The Magic Bands were conceptualized to make your stay at Disney World as seamless as possible. With a Magic Band on your wrist, you won’t have to drag around a wallet full of money or get your credit card out every time you want to make a purchase. You won’t even have to carry around the keys to your hotel room. Just scan your band and you’re all good to go.

How Does Magic Band Work?

If you wish to use the Magic Bands at Disney World, they will provide you with a wristband and a four-digit PIN code. Whenever you need to pay for anything on the premises, you need to tap the magic band on the touchpoints. And the bank account or any other payment system synced with the band will keep track of your expenses.

You can add all your expenses directly to your room account at Disney World. If you hate cash transactions, you cannot ignore this superb feature of Disney World.

You must pay for all expenses incurred while staying at the resort the night before you decide to check out.

Final Words

So, can you use cash at Disney World? You can always use cash if you are not much of a tech-savvy person and always prefer things the old way. However, I suggest you use cashless and contactless payment systems.

Because using paper notes is not the safest option these days!

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