Can You Wear Homemade Disney Shirts To Disney World?

Can You Wear Homemade Disney Shirts To Disney World? Planning 1

For first-timers going for a trip to Disney World, picking the right outfit can be a little stressful. To make your trip memorable and take some awesome family photos, it’s a great idea to make matching Disney shirts for the whole family. But can you wear custom or Cricut-made Disney shirts to Disney World? Let’s find out.

Yes, you can wear homemade Disney-themed shirts to Disney. Walt Disney World has no rules that prohibit its guests from wearing homemade Disney-themed clothing. Many families visit Disney world in their unique homemade Disney outfits. Disney World encourages this adorable idea.

But that is not all the info that you should be aware of when you are packing for your trip to Disney World. Being aware of the items that are not allowed in Disney World would prove to be helpful. I will mention all this useful information in this article. I will also share all the best ways to dress and some DIY Disney-themed shirt ideas for your magical visit to Disney World.

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Is There a Dress Code for Disney World?

Many people are not aware of this, but Walt Disney World does have a dress code. Disney World holds the right to prohibit any guest from entering the park for wearing outfits that can create distractions for others. It is uncertain how strictly the dress code is enforced, but it’s best to follow them. The type of clothing that Disney World deems as inappropriate are:

  • Clothing displaying vulgar or obscene languages/messages

If you wear any clothing that displays vulgarity or obscenities, you will most likely be given a warning and a suggestion to wear the shirt inside out. If you don’t comply, you may have to leave the premises.

  • Costumes

For anyone above the age of 10, dressing up in costumes is prohibited. You can still style your hair and do makeup like your favorite Disney character, but the costumes are not allowed.

  • Clothing that exposes too much skin

Other than Disney’s water parks, you cannot wear any outfit that shows off inappropriate areas of your body. Clothes such as G-strings, bikini tops, bikini bottoms, and other raunchy clothing are deemed inappropriate. 

Furthermore, clothes that are excessively torn or made of transparent material are not allowed. So it’s best to wear tasteful outfits that will cover yourself properly. Also, wouldn’t you want to dress comfortably?

  • Grand attire

Anything that distracts other people includes grand attires such as wedding attire. So wearing such clothing is not advised.

The dress code for Disney World is very casual. They advise all visitors to dress comfortably and sport some good walking shoes to have a relaxed time looking around. Do note that Disney requires you to dress up in proper attire, including shoes and shirts. Having these on all the time is part of the rule. This helps the park maintain a casual and family-oriented environment.

You might have some plans for spending some time away from the kids and dine at the Signature Dining Restaurants of Disney World. In these places, a “Business Casual” dress code is in effect.

How Do You Make Disney Shirts?

If you are creative you can purchase a vinyl cutting machine called a Cricut. With this machine you can purchase rolls of colored heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and have it cut our just about any design that you can create within the Cricut Design Studio software. You will then take the project and adhere it to a shirt with wither a heat press (my personal choice) or a regular household iron. I have made several custom shirts for my family as well as many friends and they always get comments while I am in the parks.

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Some DIY Disney Shirt Ideas for Your Visit to Disney World

The best way to dress up for Disney World is unarguably matching Disney-themed T-shirts. Without tons of family photos in coordinating Disney T-shirts, the Disney vacation won’t be complete. You can easily buy matching Disney-themed T-shirts online. But if you want to make the T-shirts yourself, I would say go for it.

You can easily make magical t-shirts with a few supplies and easy-to-follow tutorials. A few fun ideas you can try out and make your own DIY Disney shirts are:

Mickey and Minnie mouse designs just screams Disney World. These two classic Disney characters are a fan favorite to this day. You can easily make simple Mickey and Minnie mouse-themed shirts for your whole family.

Using heat transfer vinyl, you can easily transfer Mickey and Minnie mouse ears onto your t-shirts. Just cut out the heat transfer vinyl into the design that you want. Now iron the design onto your t-shirt and you’re done. You can use both matte and glitter heat transfer vinyl to make it a bit more unique and fancy.

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  • Frozen t-shirts for everyone

The main characters- Elsa, Anna, and Olaf of Frozen are the most favorite of all especially children. With the recent release of “Frozen 2”, its popularity is greater than ever. If you are a “Frozen” fan yourself, you would love to sport a Frozen-themed t-shirt on your next visit to Disney World.

Using fabric markers and spray pains, you can easily draw out any of your favorite “Frozen” characters onto your t-shirt. Just print out the template that you want and place it inside your t-shirt. Then trace out the design with fabric markers and color it according to your choice. For a little more magic, you can use the glow in the dark spray paint for a glowing effect.

  • Toy Story t-shirt

You cannot visit Walt Disney World and not visit Toy Story Land. If you are paying a visit there and are a fan of the whole movie franchise, you would love to wear matching toy story t-shirts.

You will find many designs of “toy story” in SVG format on the internet with a quick search. Pick the one you want and cut out heat transfer vinyl adhering to the design. Make sure the design is mirrored when you cut it. Now place it on the t-shirt and give it a heating press with your iron until the design transfers over.

These are just some ideas that you can try. Don’t limit yourself to only these and feel free to use your imagination to make your very own styles and designs.

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Where To Buy Home Made Disney Shirts

If you are not interested in making the shirts your self then my personal choice for custom shirts is using Etsy. There are hundreds of great shops to choose from and thousands of designs to fit the look that you are going for. Make sure to order the shirts ahead of time though, some shops have a lead time of several weeks if they are busy or creating something very custom for you.


A vacation to Disney World is a dream of kids and many adults alike. If you are someone who grew up loving Disney movies, it can be exciting planning the magical trip to the land of Disney. Deciding what clothes you should pack can take up a lot of the planning process for your next Disney trip.


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