21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed

21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed Planning 1

Sometimes when we travel to Disney World I tend to pick up anything I see for a souvenir. Especially if it has been a while since we had been there. In doing this I have found several souvenirs that I would buy again and again. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the best souvenirs.

1. Kitchen Towels

I have started a crazy Disney kitchen towel collection. I used to be a bit picky about what I used for towels but I have found that I really like the newer towels. The great thing is that they can be found just about anywhere.

2. Coffee Mugs

I love being able to drink my coffee out of a Disney mug each morning. There is an endless supply of options for mugs so you can have just about any design you might like. I also really like having a few travel mugs for when I take my drink to go.

21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed Planning 2

3. Keychains

These little keepsakes can be a constant reminder of the great times you have had on your Disney vacation. I like to cycle through my collection and change it out every month or so. They also make a fun little decoration to add to a purse strap as well.

4. Ears

My daughter is the queen of Minnie ears… she may have ‘only’ been to Disney 4 times so far but she has well over 16 pairs of ears.

She has a variety of styles and anytime that her school has a special dress-up day she always manages to find the perfect pair of her ears to go with her outfit. We have them all displayed on a wall in her bedroom so that she can see them always.

21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed Planning 3

5. Wine glasses

Just like coffee mugs, there is nothing better than at the end of a long day having a special wine glass to enjoy an evening beverage. Sure you can have average wine glasses for far less but why not have something special? I like to have them displayed on my hutch for a nice Disney touch in our dining room.

6. “Toothpick holders”

We all know what Disney’s toothpick holders really are… shot glasses… let’s get real. Whether you use them for toothpicks, an adult beverage, or little flower pots they are a great little souvenir that you can grab just about anywhere.

7. Picture frames

We always take a ton of pictures when we are on vacation in Disney World. Once we are home I have to have a few favorite pictures printed out and I like the added touch of having them displayed in a Disney frame.

Even better if I can find a frame that matches either the park the photo was taken in or something else that matches the picture. For example, on our first wedding anniversary, we went to Disney and we found a frame of Mickey & Minnie dresses in wedding attire.

8. Christmas ornaments

This is another collection I started almost 20 years ago. Anytime we visit somewhere, not just Disney, I like to pick out a Christmas ornament for our tree. We now have just about enough ornaments to cover our tree in fabulous memories.

9. Kitchen Utensils

I have basically turned my kitchen into a Disney kitchen. From spatulas, whisks, spoon rests, salt & pepper shakers, serving spoons, and canisters there really isn’t anything in my kitchen that isn’t red, white, black or have polka dots on it.

21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed Planning 4

10. Pens

This little collection is another one of my daughter’s favorites. She first started it on our first trip with her when she was 4 years old and wanted a matching pen for her autograph book.

Now that she is in school she likes to collect Disney pens and have them with her either during the day in school or while doing homework.

11. Pressed penny

Pressed pennies is something when I first saw them many many years ago I honestly didn’t see the appeal. Now they have books where you can put all of your pennies and now even quarters in pages with a note section to write about any memories you have from when you did the pressed penny.

12. Hats

Personally, I don’t like wearing Minnie Ears, not because they are not fabulous and really cute, but they are not comfortable for me. Also, I don’t like having the sun in my face all day so Disney hats are a perfect way for me to show some Disney style and be more comfortable during our days in the parks. They are also a really great souvenir to wear once you are home.

13. Silhouettes

I remember sitting down as a child in Liberty Square to have my Silhouette done. It is something that is a keepsake if a moment frozen in time.

We had one don’t of my daughter when she was 4 on her first trip and I look at it now, and can’t believe how much she has changed already in 6 years. It would be fun to have one done on our next trip to compare them.

14. Magnets

Another collection that you can start and not have to dump a ton of money into it. I have started buying just one on each visit. It is a nice reminder every time I’m getting into the refrigerator of the places and times I have gone to Disney.

21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed Planning 5

15. Seasonal accessories

We live in the cold north of New England and have several months where we are covered up from head to toe when leaving the house. For that reason, I have really enjoyed picking up winter hats, scarves, or mittens with a Disney flair to them. Just because we have to live in the cold weather doesn’t mean we can’t still have some Disney style.

16. POP figures

This is something that my husband has started taking an interest in, He is theming his office with a bit of Disney gear and these make a great little souvenir to add to a bookshelf or table.

17. Wishables

These cute little plushies are absolutely adorable. They have just about any character or attraction you can think of. Recently they camp out with the transportation line and I really need to get the monorail one. Some of them come in blind bags so it makes it fun not knowing what one you are going to get.

18. Spirit Jersey

I fought this one for a long time but on our last trip a broke down and got myself a Spirit Jersey. WOW, I really don’t know why I waited so long. They are so comfortable and I love that they are meant to be a bit oversized. Living in colder weather I will be wearing this for at least 8 months out of the year if not more. There are so many designs to choose from, it can be tough to choose just one… luckily my hubby bought me another one for Christmas so I actually have two to cycle through.

21 Disney World Souvenirs You Never Knew You Needed Planning 6

19. Car Decals

You can’t expect that I would have Disney in my home and wardrobe and not have a splash of it on my car. I don’t do anything over the top but I like to have a little decal on my back window to show my Disney love.

20. Postcards

You don’t have to send the postcards, you can just have them as keepsakes. I recently found a few memory books at my mom’s house from trips that I took as a child to Disney and there were several postcards on the pages.

They make great little reminders of things that you either can’t take a great picture of or forgot to take a picture of.

21. Disney Pins

Disney pin trading seems to have become more popular in the last few years. In 2018 on our trip, I thought for sure that my daughter would want to start a lanyard of her own. I have one from when I went in 2000 with my parents and I love looking back at the unique pins from that year.

Well, she didn’t seem interested in pin trading… until our last day in the parks…so we got her a starter set and she enjoyed going around to each of the cast members and seeing what they had to offer for trades.

If you can’t tell by now I love living the Disney life. I think I am meant to live down there closer to the parks. Until that day comes I will be buying more of these souvenirs on every trip to help have the Disney Magic around in my everyday life.

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