How Far Do You Walk At Disney World?

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How far do you think you are walking at Disney World? Statistics show the average is 7 to 10 miles a day! That being just an average, I would say you could exceed that. I have easily averaged over 13 myself and it’s not hard to do when you are so distracted by everything around you.

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Knowing just how far you walk can help get ready for your upcoming Disney vacation. Ask yourself how active you are. How far do you walk on average every week? Most people do not walk anywhere near what they do on a Disney trip. One thing you can do to help yourself get ready is to start walking ahead of time to build up your endurance.

If you were to just walk into Magic Kingdom and loop around the perimeter you would only have walked 2.17 miles but when you consider the walk from your car to transportation, all the backtracking, your walking done around your resort, and anything else later you may do in a day its a lot!

Distance in miles in the parks

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  • Magic Kingdom is 2.17 miles around the perimeter once inside with no backtracking
  • Epcot Future World and World Showcase is at almost 3 miles one way around if you go the long way around (if you skip the tram into the park you can add as much as a 1/2 mile)
  • Hollywood Studios is about 1.4 miles one way around with no backtracking
  • Animal Kingdom is 2.27 miles if you follow all the paths with no backtracking 

If you were to walk the perimeter of all 4 theme parks you would have walked 8.51 miles!

Things to remember when walking at Disney

Consider the Heat

If you are not used to Florida’s high temps and humidity you may be surprised how much heavier the air feels here. It can take a few days to get adjusted to. Make sure to pace yourself as your body adjusts.

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Do not buy and wear new shoes. It doesn’t matter how top rated they are if you haven’t broken them in. Walking You may develop blisters and that would be miserable. Research and buy your shoes ahead of time and take some time to wear them around town. Best to stick with a brand and style of shoe that are already familiar with. You should always bring a extra pair with you as well in case you get caught in a downpour so you can give your shoes time to dry out.

Use A Step Counter

If you can get a step counter it can be a great way to train for your next trip. You don’t have to buy an expensive Fitbit. Most cell phones come equipped with a step counter. I have to admit that sometimes I would rather start by timing myself instead of counting distance. Its a good way to build up without feeling hard on yourself because you didn’t get a certain amount of miles in. Try to 15 minutes, then 30 , then 45.

Start Small

You can find lists online that details the exact steps between attractions in the parks. If your not ready to walk the distance of Epcot try walking the equivalent of Animal Kingdom’s entrance to Expedition Everest which is 0.4 miles. By envisioning yourself there you feel more motivated. If you push yourself to hard you could injure yourself and end up injured.

Stay Hydrated and Leg Cramp Free with Bottles and Bananas

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Always carry a water bottle on you when walking at Disney. In the heat, you can sweat a lot and become dehydrated fast. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere.

If you tend to get leg cramps when walking a lot like I do make sure to have some bananas handy. The potassium rich food helps nix the leg cramps fast.

Get the Whole Family Involved

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Get the whole family in on the walk. Little ones are likely not used to walking long distances and while they may have the added perk of stroller breaks it will be helpful for them to build up some endurance as well.

Being prepared for your next trip can make it much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to put on some headphones and listen to your favorite Disney music. Wear your Minnie Ears if you want to. Your training for an epic Disney vacation. This is serious business. If anyone points make sure to show them how to point the Disney way then wish them a magical day.

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