How To Customize Your Magic Bands

How To Customize Your Magic Bands Planning 1

Not that there is anything wrong with the basic colored Magic Bands that you can get from Disney, but sometimes you just want to add a little extra style. Back when you could get complimentary Magic Bands with your Disney vacation you really only had a choice of plain colors that were free. That’s where a lot of people got creative.

You have two choices for customizing your Magic Bands. You can choose a design thru shop Disney or you can use one of those basic color Magic Bands and make your own Custom Design Magic Band at home.

Customizing Your Magic Band Through Disney

Customizing thru Disney is as easy as choosing from a selection of their Magic Bands. Whether you want just a plain color that’s your favorite or if you want your favorite character, Disney has a lot of options for everyone in your family.

What Colors Can You Choose From?

If you are looking for a basic plain colored Magic Band then you have quite a few options. Currently, ShopDisney has the coloring colors. Mint Green, Black, Navy Blue, Dark Red, Light Pink, Turquoise, Dark Grey, White, Plum, and Lavender. They are all $14.99 online.

If you are purchasing them along with your Disney Vacation Package then you will receive a discount bringing them down to $5. This makes it easy to have the perfect color Magic Band to go with your outfits or to add to a collection that you have started. I know a lot of friends that like to collect every color of the rainbow for a display that they have at home.

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What Characters Can You Get On Your Magic Band?

You name the character and you most likely can have it. They have everything from Mickey & Minnie to princesses, Toy story characters, Big Thunder Mountain, and special Epcot Festival-themed Magic Bands. They recently also came out with 6 different slap bracelet Magic Bands.

On those, you can have Stitch, Minnie Mouse, Wishables, Orange Bird, Figment, and Olaf. Currently, Dooney and Bourke also have 2 specialty Magic Bands that are the new Italy design and the Dog and Cats line. These bands run from $24.99 to $34.99. If you are booking a trip you have a smaller selection of these character Magic Bands and they range from $15- $20 with the discount. We always like to pick characters that we are into at time or maybe get a special Magic Band because of the Epcot festival that is going on during our trip.

Customizing Your Magic Band On Your Own At Home

If you are creative you can do a DIY project with your Magic Bands to make them one of a kind. Often times we have leftover plain Magic Bands left over from previous trips and being that you can reuse your old Magic Bands it’s fun to try and customize some older ones for your next trip and also save money by not having to buy cute ones.

Can I Paint My Magic Band?

Yes, you can paint your Magic Band. You can use a variety of paints but I would go with either puff paints or acrylic paints so that you get the flexibility being that you are wearing them on your wrist. You can do something as simple as just painting a simple color over the Magic Band or if you are artistic you can create your own design.

I have seen some really amazing DIY Magic Bands that people have painted themselves to customize them to go perfectly with their outfit or a celebration that they are going to Disney for.

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How To Create Your Own Vinyl Designs For Your Magic Band

If you have a Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine then you can make a vinyl “sticker” to decorate your Magic Band. I have never created a full design with mine but I have made little stickers to add a little extra flair and it is a lot of fun.

The best place to find patterns is Pinterest. There are a lot of great templates and ideas on there. One thing that I like to do is cut a mickey head to put in the center of the puck on the Magic Band to make it stand out more.

Can You Buy Vinyl Designs Without Making Them Yourself?

If you don’t have a cutting machine or you just don’t want to take the time to make your own you can take a look on Etsy. There are a ton of sellers on there that will either create a custom one for you or have premade ones for you to choose from.

The first time that I wanted to DIY customize my Magic Band this is the route that I went. I have a Cricut but I had only ever done t-shirts and decals for my car. I had never done something so small so I was nervous. Once I ordered and got my decal I was willing to try it and with the help of a template, it is really very simple to do yourself. The great thing about going the vinyl route vs painting is that if you want to change the design it is easy enough to take the stickers off and put different ones on.

There are tons of more tips over on my guide to planning a Disney vacation page as well.


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