Is AAA an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

aaa authorized disney vacation planner

Planning for a Disney Trip can take time and effort. Booking tickets, hotels, and parks simultaneously takes time and schedule. In that case, you may be thinking of travel planner AAA but wondering if AAA is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Then this article is for you.

AAA is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. In fact, it is one of North America’s most prominent travel planning companies, serving almost 57 million members until now. It provides Discounts and deals on tickets, hotels, restaurants, movies, and more to its official members, including Disney.

But the AAA membership doesn’t come for free. You need to pay a certain amount of money to obtain the membership. Later in this article, I will talk about its membership fee, benefits, and services related to Disney.

AAA With Disney

AAA and Disney had an agreement in place for many years that allowed AAA to sell Disneyland tickets at wholesale rates. As a result, AAA could provide discounted rates and pricing to its members. Similarly, for AAA members, it was a nice perk.

They could get a ticket discount by visiting a AAA office or contacting their agent.

But unfortunately, a few years ago, AAA’s wholesale relationship with Disney ended.

Consequently, the organization can no longer sell Disney tickets in bulk. As a result, AAA can no longer offer the massive discounts it previously did.

Even after this consequence, buying tickets with AAA is still far cheaper than regular.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Disney Tickets Through AAA?

Buying a Disney Ticket from AAA can be a great deal. Specifically, the discount AAA offers to its members is much higher than what Disney officially offers to regular tourists. But it does depend on the ticket availability.

AAA has multiple regional offices. However, some offices may not provide discounts as Disney tickets aren’t always available. So, comparing other travel agencies inside your preferred region is better. As a result, you may get a better deal.

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AAA Disney Ticket Price List

Not many travel planners are authorized with Disney. However, AAA is considered a certified travel planner because of excellent customer service. AAA is also known for its value-for-money travel packages too.

Meanwhile, at Disney, you not only get better service with AAA but also get a significant amount of discount. In comparison, regular tourists have to buy the same ticket with much more money. Here is a comparison list of that.

2021/2022 Ticket PricingAAA Discounted PriceRegular Gate Price
Park Hopper 2-Day$294$315
1 Park Per Day 2-Day$235$255
Park Hopper 3-Day$359$390
1 Park Per Day 3-Day$300$330
Park Hopper 4-Day$385$420
1 Park Per Day 4-Day$329$360
Park Hopper 5-Day$405$440
1 Park Per Day 5-Day$349$380
Park Hopper with Disney Genie+ 2-Day$335$355
1 Park Per Day with Disney Genie+ 2-Day$275$295
Park Hopper with Disney Genie+ 3-Day$420$450
1 Park Per Day with Disney Genie+ 3-Day$360$390
Park Hopper with Disney Genie+ 4-Day$465$500
1 Park Per Day with Disney Genie+ 4-Day$410$440
Park Hopper with Disney Genie+ 5-Day$505$540
1 Park Per Day with Disney Genie+ 5-Day$445$480
Park Hopper – SoCal Resident Weekday Special 3-Day$239$390
1 Park Per Day – SoCal Resident Weekday Special 3-Day$179$300
Park Hopper with Disney Genie+ – SoCal Resident Weekday Special 3-Day$299$450
1 Park Per Day with Disney Genie+ – SoCal Resident Weekday Special 3-Day$239$390  

How to Buy Disney Tickets Through AAA?

To be able to buy a Disney ticket with AAA, you need to be a member first. A basic AAA membership will cost you about 59$ dollars. With your AAA membership, you can get cheap hotels, flights, and car services.

Moreover, with a AAA membership, you can save money on things you already do. Like shopping, eating out, and going to events and attractions.

AAA has discounts at more than 100,000 places across North America and the country that can help you save money. However, here is the guide to buying a Disney ticket with an  AAA membership. 

  • First, go to and sign in with your account information.
  • Then, click on the banner at the top of the page that says “Travel.”
  • Next, under “Hotel Rooms, Car Rentals, Vacation Packages, click the “Activities” button. Then, under the “Location” button search for Disneyland. This link will take you right to the AAA discount Disneyland tickets.
  • From here on, you can also scroll down to the page until you see “Discounts for Theme Parks,” then click “Buy Tickets.”
  • Finally, once you see the available tickets, you have to click on the ones you want, write down how many you need, and you’re done.

Benefits of Traveling With AAA

AAA travel can make it simple to plan a trip to the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, or the Caribbean. You can book a cheaper hotel, flight, or rental car through AAA Travel. You can save a considerable amount of money by booking a flight and a hotel together.

 But the best thing about AAA travel is their vacation packages. For example, a AAA Universal Orlando Resort vacation package might include the following:

  • A hotel room for five nights.
  • Breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron in Universal Studios. Tickets to Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure with early park admission.
  • Unique souvenirs like Harry Potter luggage tags and Hogwart lanyards.

 You can also make your own vacation packages with them. You can tell the agents at AAA travel where you want to go, and they will help you create a package that fits your budget. In addition to these discounted trip packages, one of the best things about being a member of AAA is that you can talk to a travel agent online or in person at one of the organization’s travel agencies.

AAA agents are experts at planning trips, so they will ensure you get the best trip for the best price. They will look into different travel options for you and book your flight, hotel room, and any paid tours you want.

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Best Season to Buy Disney Tickets

January to mid-February is the best time to buy tickets at Disney. During this time prices are the lowest. And when you pair that with the cost cuts you get with AAA, visiting Disney at this time can save you a lot of money.

You can purchase regular Disney tickets anytime in the year, but there may be some special deals during certain occasions of the year. Moreover, Disney usually raises ticket prices at the end of February.

So, if you want to buy tickets for the rest of that year at the previous lower prices, you can buy them between January and mid-February. You can still buy it in January even if you don’t visit Disney anywhere until fall or winter.

Similarly, the end of April to the beginning of May is another good time to buy tickets. Since spring break is over, there aren’t as many people in the parks. During this time, there are special deals like free days, adult tickets for a child’s ticket price, and free meals at character dining.

Visit Disney Without  Crowds

Disney can irritate a few people when it is too crowded. The weekends and typical holidays are when you may find Disney with many visitors. In fact, these rush times increase Disney ticket and hotel prices too. Hence, it is better to visit Disney during the off Season if you have the flexibility.

Summer and the time between Christmas and January 4 are two of the busiest seasons of the year. In the past, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve have been the most engaged. Nevertheless, to find fewer people and have shorter queues try to skip these days.


If your doubt was, Is AAA an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner? Then I think you got your answer from this article. In addition, AAA is a widely recognised travel planner in North America. Most importantly, it has an authorized partnership with Disney.

To summarize, you can find more affordable deals at Disney than with AAA.  All you need is an AAA membership. So, that’s all for today. Thank you for reading this article till the end.


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