Is Disney World Overrated? Is It Worth The Visit?

Is Disney World Overrated? Is It Worth The Visit? Planning 1

If you’re thinking about paying a visit to Disney World, then you might be wondering whether it is overrated or not. You might also be thinking about what tips and tricks you should remember when visiting Disney World during the pandemic.

Disney World is not overrated. There are many reasons to visit this place. Entertainment and ease of staying are two of the reasons. It is important to know these reasons in detail before stepping into Disney World.

I will inform you about all the reasons to visit Disney World. I will also tell you about many guidelines to remember when visiting this place. These tricks will be useful to you when you visit Disney World during off or peak seasons.

Is Disney World Overrated? Is It Worth The Visit? Planning 2

Is Disney World Overrated?

Disney World is not overrated by any means. Many people assume this due to the poor reviews given by others. But these poor reviews are not always the same for all people. Many people have some of the best times of their lives at Disney World.

The children, and even the adults themselves, are extremely fond of Disney World. There are many reasons to visit this place. I have mentioned them below.

What Makes Disney World Worth Visiting?

I must tell you that there are many wonderful reasons to visit Disney World. These reasons include security, fewer lines, easy cancellation, etc.

  • Safety

You may be slightly worried because of the ongoing pandemic. I will tell you that you should remain worry-free because Disney World has high measures of security. People have to wear face masks and face shields at all times. The only exception to this occurs when people are eating or drinking.

Social distancing is highly maintained throughout the whole area. This is even carried out in the shops and restaurants in Disney World. Your temperature is even taken as you enter any of the shops or restaurants in Disney World.

You will also be able to find hand sanitizers available. I must also tell you that Disney World has even set up hand sanitizer stations in various parts of the property.

  • Fewer Lines

You will realize that because you are visiting Disney World amidst a global pandemic, there are fewer lines and queues. This means that you will be safer from the coronavirus. You will also get access to your favorite rides and restaurants quite easily.

Your children will also throw fewer tantrums while waiting in line. This is because now they will easily be able to get in. Moreover, with fewer crowds, you have more access and movement to walk around. You will not bump into people. If you are socially awkward, this is the perfect opportunity for you, as fewer people are around you.

  • Easy Cancellation

You might decide to not visit Disney World even after you have booked tickets. A change of mind is possible but it is not a problem at all. Disney World offers very easy cancellation policies.

I should tell you that even if you choose to be away from Disney World once, you should return another time. This is because a lot more rides are opening up. Your children should never miss the chance to go to Disney World at least once in their lives.

  • Frozen Sing-Along

Disney World offers a lot of entertainment. You will, of course, worry that during the pandemic, perhaps a lot of rides will remain closed. This was possible during the park’s opening in 2022. But now a lot more attractions are present.

A big source of entertainment is the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. Your favorite characters, such as Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa, will be on stage. Not only that, but the lyrics are also shown in the background, which will make it easy if you do not know the songs. You will also be able to attend a Frozen dessert party.

 Park hopping is the availability of visiting numerous theme parks at once. You can buy an upgraded ticket first. You are usually scanned for your first park. I can tell you that after that, you can go to other parks as long as they are available.

You should know that you can do this at two in the afternoon. I would advise you to go through Disney World’s calendar to ensure that your schedule is perfectly stable.

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

You may have heard of the famous Star Wars ride at Disney World. This ride is something people wait for years to visit at least once.

There are now fewer people at Disney World, and that means that there is a higher chance for you to visit this ride. One of the options is usually the physical queue, and the other is the virtual one. It would be easier to contact Disney World ahead of your reservation to find out which queue is available currently, as they can change with time.

Is Disney World Overrated? Is It Worth The Visit? Planning 3

Tips To Remember When Visiting Disney World

You might be tempted to make a sudden visit to Disney World. But I will tell you that it is not a good option without a plan. Without remembering a plan with these tips, it will be very difficult to visit the park with fun and peace. Here are the top tips to remember when visiting Disney World.

Reservations Online

I should tell you that the days where you could just buy a ticket instantly without any problems face-to-face are gone. Now it is essential to make your reservations online. In this way, you can avoid crowds and get access to your favorite rides easily.

You can go through your favorite ride options to see if they are available online for purchase. Moreover, you should download the Disney World app on your phone for an easier view of tickets.

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

You can stay at Disney World’s hotel to get a better experience of the park. It radiates a nostalgic vibe, and your children will love it.

You can get a good dining experience at Trader Sam’s and at the Tangaroa Terrace for amazing dining experiences. You can still dine in while not staying at the Disney World hotel.

Some nearby hotels are cheaper. But you should confirm that the parking lot is available for those hotels.

You can even stay at hotels that are a little further away. It needs to be said that you might regret going back and forth to faraway hotels. You may become easily tired and your visit to Disney World can become quite exhausting. So it is important to choose your hotel carefully.

Is Disney World Overrated? Is It Worth The Visit? Planning 4

Traveling Light

You should remember that you have to walk a lot when you visit Disney World. As a result, you don’t have to carry a ton of stuff with you when visiting the parks. Disney World has lockers at both parks near the entrances, so you should always be able to travel with ease. You should pay attention to your comfort first and fashion second when visiting the parks as well.

I would advise you to bring hand sanitizers, an extra face mask, reusable water bottles, snacks, phone chargers, a phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. You will have a carefree yet satisfying time at Disney World if you remember these.

Knowing The Dining Services

You will find the best dining service according to your own needs. If you want a waiter or a waitress to serve you, you can get table service. You have to make a reservation ahead of time for that.

There are also counter services that require no reservations. You can order from these services on your Disney mobile app ahead of time to make sure that you can avoid crowds. You can also get your food faster this way.

Is Disney World Overrated? Is It Worth The Visit? Planning 5

Understanding the plan

It is crucially important to have a schedule when you visit Disney World. This is because there are so many things to do there that you might get bewildered. You could end up coming home with regret if you do not have a plan.

So it is very important to decide early on what you want to see or experience. You should also choose how long you are staying. I must tell you that some of the best experiences for people happen in the mornings. In this way, there is a higher chance that you will not miss your favorite rides or shows.


You will want to bring presents for your loved ones once you visit Disney World. I will tell you that instead of buying gifts earlier and carrying them all the way, you can purchase them on your way out.

I should also inform you that you can also have some items shipped directly from the park to your house to avoid lots of hassle. It is possible to talk about this with a cast member before you buy the gifts.


I’ve talked about all the wonderful reasons to visit Disney World and I’ve probably only hit the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other benefits, starting from safety to Star Wars rides. You now also know about many tips before visiting this place. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it was helpful for planning your next Disney vacation.


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