Is It Cheaper To Fly Or Drive To Disney World?

Is It Cheaper To Fly Or Drive To Disney World? Planning 1

You and your family have been talking about going to Disney World for a while. It’s hard to manage time and money at the same time for such a big trip. So maybe you have managed to find the time and are planning to go to the Magic Kingdom. But you aren’t sure whether it’s cheaper to fly or drive.

What’s cheaper between a road trip and an air flight depends on the distance and how many people you have with you. Flying may be cheaper if you’re traveling with a group of two or three. A group of six or seven can do a road trip since you don’t have to buy a ticket for each person.

We compare the two main ways to get to Disney World, by road, and by air. We cover all the aspects of traveling to Disney World. We’ll even give you an estimate of how much Disney World will cost you.

Is It Cheaper To Fly Or Drive To Disney World? Planning 2

Flying Vs. Driving- Which Is Better For Your Disney Trip?

It doesn’t matter which mode of transport you reach the Disney magic. The excitement and amusement remain the same in all scenarios. However, choosing the transportation system is a vital decision for any trip. If you are coming from a distant place to Disney World, the fun may diminish if you are tired from an uncomfortable journey.

The Expenses

For some low-income groups of people, it takes years of savings to plan a trip to Disney World. If money is a big concern for you, I think a road trip is preferable. However, you have to calculate the math yourself. Because if you have to rent a car for your Disney trip, it may cost you more than flying. Even if you have your own vehicle, you must calculate the cost of fuel and tolls.

After calculating the costs of both modes of travel, you can make the right decision. Air travel may cost you around $30 for each person from the neighboring southern states. If you live in any of the northern states, flying to Disney World will cost you about $100 for each ticket. If you have a big family, traveling by road can cost you less than flying.

Duration of Journey

When traveling for a joyous trip, you should try to minimize the duration of the journey. If it takes too long to reach Disney, you will feel fatigued and won’t be able to enjoy the wonders of Disney World. However, while choosing between a road trip and an air flight, the first thing you should consider is the distance between your place and Disney World.

I suggest you fly to Disney if you live too far away. You have to give importance to your personal preferences to make the decision. If you live in the Northeast, it will take about 17 hours to reach Disney by road. From the Mideast coast states, it will take around ten hours to get to the magic land. I don’t think you or your family will like that.


To some extent, the ease of traveling by different transportation options depends on the person. Some people do not like flying at all. And some others hate to travel by road. If you have any prejudices about any of the modes of transportation, you have to choose the opposite option. In that case, the distance and expense do not matter too much.

If you have aerophobia, you cannot plan your vacation in Disney World by air. On the other hand, if you suffer from motion sickness, you should avoid taking long road trips. Besides, some people feel more comfortable in their cars than on other transportation. They may wish to travel a bit longer than usual to get to Disney World. However, it should be up to you to make the final call.

Is It Cheaper To Fly Or Drive To Disney World? Planning 3

How Much Does A Trip To Disney World Cost?

The cost of amusements in Disney World is much higher than in most other entertainment parks. However, if you consider the value of money, Disney World is the best option to explore for the ultimate fun. The cost of a trip to Disney World depends on the type of tour.

If you want to visit the home of Mickey, you have two options.

Staying Off-Site

If you are not ready to spend too much and want to enjoy the charm of the magic world, you can visit Disney World while staying off-site. It is the cheapest option to have fun at Disney World. What you need to do is stay in a nearby motel and take day tours to Disney. You may find some budget hotels in Orlando to sleep for the night.

You can also minimize the cost of your Disney trip by getting food from outside the park. Magic KingdomAnimal KingdomHollywood Studios, and Epcot– all the four main parks of Disney World have great diners. But their food is more expensive than ordinary food shops. If you stay off-site and eat outside Disney World, it may cost you around $150 per day for each person.

Staying On-Site

If you stay in one of the resorts inside Disney World, the cost of your trip will get high. The total cost of your Disney trip will depend on which resort you are staying at and what food and beverages you are taking. If you find cheap accommodation such as the All-Star Music and eat minimally, it may cost you around $250 per day for each person.

You will need to estimate more expenses if you buy some fancy souvenirs and take all the thrilling rides of Disney World. If you want to spend less on Disney, avoid the public holidays. All your expenses can get doubled if you go there on holiday. However, if you stay in a resort, you will not have to pay for transportation within Disney World.

It is always wise to book offer packages directly from Disney’s website. In the off-seasons, Disney sometimes offers some fantastic cost-saving packages.

Is It Cheaper To Fly Or Drive To Disney World? Planning 4

How Long To Stay At Disney World?

Disney World has four legendary theme parks for unlimited amusements. If you are coming from a distant location, you should visit them all. I think it takes at least a day to visit each of the four parks. So, you must plan at least a four-day vacation at Disney World. If money is not an issue, at least a four-day trip will do you justice.

However, if money is not a concern and you want to have the ultimate Disney experience, stay seven to eight nights. I believe a week is enough to enjoy all the pleasures only Disney World can offer. Besides, you cannot have non-stop fun without any rest. To realize and admire the Disney magic, you need to take a breath now and then.

Bottom Line

Touring Disney World doesn’t’ happen everyday for most people. So whatever you end up doing, drive or fly, make sure to have fun planning your trip to Disney World along the way!

In addition, you might miss out on the fun if you’re always worried about the cost.


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