What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023?

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 1

Disney can be expensive, we all know that! Even for a small family, you can expect to spend upwards of $4000 for a visit. Thankfully, Disney visits are not equally costly the whole year round. The ticket and resort prices go up and down based on demand. And in less demanding months, prices drop. So, you can save a significant amount of money during these times. So, when is the cheapest time to go to Disney in 2023? 

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 2

January, February, and August to December are the cheapest months for a Disney visit. November and December might not be as cheap as the other months. But there are still some good prices.

In this article, I will discuss all the best dates for visiting Disney parks on the cheap. I’ll also be providing some pro tips on saving as much as possible on your trip. So, be sure to keep reading till the end. As always, keep checking back because just like everything else Disney is constantly updating prices and discounts!

Best Months For The Cheapest Disney Tickets

Depending on several factors, Disney Ticket prices frequently fluctuate in price. When schools and offices are off on holidays, ticket prices rise. And in other seasons, due to lower traffic, ticket and resort prices fall to encourage more visits. Here are the cheapest months in Disney when ticket prices are the lowest.

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 3

January And February

During January and February, schools and work places are at full throttle. So, Disney ticket prices go way down after winter break and right before spring break. You get tons of discounts which can make your journey quite affordable. Some dates are cheaper than others during this time frame. Here are the cheapest dates to visit Disney in January and February.

2nd – 5th1st – 8th
8th – 12th
16th – 31st 

August And September

After summer vacation, August is the back-to-school month. So, children being the primary audience of Disney, global ticket prices fall flat. August to September is the cheapest warm months to visit Disney if you’re not a winter vacationist. You can visit Disney for really cheap during these months on the following dates:

1st – 31st1st – 28th
What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 4

November To December

Obviously in November and December there are some pretty major holidays people want to experience in Disney. Despite this, there are some time frames that are cheaper than others if you are looking to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at the park these dates could save you a little money. You would think a lot of people wouldn’t be in Disney right on Christmas and Thanksgiving but you would be wrong! Magic Kingdom has been known to close for capacity on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!! I can attest to the fact that it is super crowded all over Disney in the weeks before and after Christmas.

1st – 12th7th-8th

Other Cheap Dates

Even outside the mentioned time frames, you’ll find cheaper tickets all year round during certain dates. I’ve listed them below.

  • 4 – 17 – 2023 To 4 – 30 – 2023
  • 5 – 1 – 2023 To 5 – 21 – 2023
  • 6 – 1 – 2023 To 6 – 26 – 2023 
  • 7 – 9 – 2023 To 7 – 31 – 2023
What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 5

Transportation Is Cheaper Too

It’s not that you only pay less for Disney tickets during these times. Transportation like flight tickets and others, are the lowest during these times as well. 

You see, during the mentioned dates, it’s not that Disney is the only spot that experiences reduced traffic. Every tourist attraction in America will experience the same thing. People will be busy with work, school, and personal activities during these times of the year and travel less. And very few people would be able to make the time to go on a vacation right after peak travel times. Which makes travel ticket prices lower.

But if you are lucky enough to be free during these times of the year, you’re in luck. You’ll be able to save a lot of money by visiting Disney during the off-seasons. Parks will be less crowded too, which is a bonus.

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 6

When Are Disney Visits Most Expensive?

Just like there are cheap dates, there are also super expensive dates for a Disney visit. Prices soar to almost unbelievable levels during these times. And if you’re a cheapskate like me, you might want to avoid going to Disney parks during these times. Here are a few times of the year that will be the most expensive

Winter Break

In America, winter break usually spans three weeks, from the middle of December to early January. Winter is a favorite time of the year for Disney trips because who wouldn’t want to see Disney decorated for the holidays? You can travel sweat and heat free too. And that’s exactly why parks are packed to the brim with people during winter breaks.

Parents and children from all over the country will be at Disney parks during the winter season and more locals too since they are also out of school. And so much traffic causes ticket prices to skyrocket.

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 7

Summer Break

In America, we get long summer breaks that last for two and a half months. Most schools are out by mid-June, local schools are out at the end of May. The holiday lasts until the beginning or middle of August. While some prefer camping and beach trips during summer, many people love visiting Disney.

The heat and sweat do not bother the average Disney vacationist. And it shows. Like winter breaks, Disney parks are flooded with parents and starry-eyed children. With so many enthusiastic visitors looking for a good time in Disney, the ticket and resort prices naturally increase.


Even during slow months, ticket and accommodation prices at Disney briefly rise on certain government holidays. For example, for most of January, Disney is relatively cheap.

But, during Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Presidents Day holidays, ticket, resort, and even travel prices will briefly increase. It’s best to avoid these dates when planning a visit to Disney.

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 8


No matter which month it is, always avoid going to Disney theme parks during weekends if you are looking for a cheap vacation.

So, many families are planning to visit Disney some weekend of some month. Parks are usually packed during the weekends, and prices also rise accordingly.

How To Reduce Expense When Visiting Disney Parks?

Besides choosing the most affordable dates, I have a few tips to reduce your Disney expenses as much as possible. Be sure to give these a look before planning your trip to Disney.

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 9

Use Credit Cards

Paying with credit cards can save you some money on Disney. Many credit cards offer exciting rewards. Your credit points could also be used to pay for several things like accommodation, travel, meals, etc., saving you a decent sum of money.

Avoid Park Resorts

As alluring Disney resorts might be, they are not well suited for people on a budget. These resorts can take up half or even more of your Disney budget.

So, it’s best to save some cash and stay somewhere off-site. There are many great resorts and hotels around Disney parks. So, make use of them and save some cash.

If staying on Disney property is important for you and your family, the Value resorts are great options for those on a budget and room prices will also fluctuate the same way park tickets do. So if you plan right you can stay on property and stay on budget!

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 10

You Can’t Do It All

This is sound information for anyone going to Disney but especially if you are like me and doing Disney on a shoestring budget as we have many times! Skipping Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes is a huge money saver! With the lowest cost being $15 per day, per person that can add up very quickly. My suggestion is to “rope drop” the popular attractions that are important to your family. The means arriving at that park an hour before it opens so you can be first in line (or as close as possible) for that attraction! From there, prioritize what attractions are most important to your travel party and plan accordingly!

Souvenir Budget

We all want to buy something when we are on a Disney vacation! BUT, not having realistic expectations of how much you should get can get you in trouble really fast! We used to get our kids a Disney Gift Card each before going and that was their souvenir money. When it was gone, no more buying in the stores! Another great way to save here if you are driving yourself, is to visit the Character Warehouse outlet in Orlando to get super discounted Disney Parks merchandise, this is an awesome hidden gem!

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 11

Save On Food

Disney food can get expensive too! If everyone in a party of four is ordering individual entrees you can be looking at $100+ at every meal and that can kill a budget! My tip here is to order off the kids menu for everyone when you can, they aren’t going to ask for proof of age and the meal sizes are still pretty good! Splitting meals is also something we do all the time, some of those adult meals are enormous so it is super easy to split! You can also bring your own food to save here. There is no reason you have to eat out 3 meals a day, every day. Having grab and go items in your room for breakfasts and snacks can save you time and money and who wouldn’t love to have a picnic in the hub grass in Magic Kingdom?! Pack those sandwiches up and head to the hub for lunch! Just remember you can’t bring in a big cooler, it will need to be in your back pack.

Plan A Buffer Day

Always plan a buffer day. Do not plan to arrive and head to the parks right away. Your flight might be delayed; you might miss your flight, and you might arrive a few hours late. A lot can go wrong when you are traveling to a different place.

So, ensure the first day you arrive at your hotel is also a rest day. Take that day off to rest, re-energize and plan your visit to all the attractions. This also gives you a chance to explore the resort you may have paid a lot of money to visit!

What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023? Planning 12


Disney tickets and resorts are priced differently all year round. Some months are cheaper than others. And luckily, traveling is also more affordable during those same months. So, if you are on a budget and looking to visit Disney parks, choosing these off-season months is the best way to save some cash. 

At the end of the day we all know a Disney vacation isn’t cheap, but it is usually worth every penny in magic and memories! Using these tips and staying focused on what is most important to your travel party will help you stay on budget and have a most magical trip!!

Let us know below if you have any other great money saving tips we may have missed.


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