What Is The Slowest Month In Disney World?

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Disney world is probably the most popular vacation destination in the world. People of all ages go there and have a ton of fun. However, even a place that is popular has slow months when business just isn’t up and booming.

The slowest month in Disney world is probably January, February, and August. The start of November is also quite slow. During these times, tons of deals are available. Disney Land is also less crowded during these months.

Every single person on earth has thought about going to Disney World at least once in their lifetime. However, what most people aren’t aware of is the fact that the best time to visit Disney World Is during the slowest months. Do you want to know what is the slowest month in Disney World? This article will help you find just that.

Does Disney World Have A Slow Season?

Disney World does have a slow season. During the peak of winter, people rarely visit Disney World, so that time is considered the slow season for Disney World.

During the peak of winter, due to cold weather, people don’t like visiting Disney World. The cold, harsh winter sometimes causes the rides to stop working. Sometimes blizzards occur, and bad weather often traps people in certain places for days. Most people don’t want to take the risk and spend their entire vacation stuck in a hotel room.

So, they tend to avoid visiting Disney world during the peak of winter. Because people rarely visit Disney World during the harsh winter season, Disney World offers discounts. These winters often attract a few customers.

What Is The Slowest Month In Disney World?

The slowest month in Disney World is basically during winter and August. At the start of November, people tend to visit Disney World a lot less. The same goes for August, January, and February. People barely visit during these times.

The slowest time for Disney World is mostly during the winter season, also known as the holiday season. During January, people have tons of plans for the New Year, and it is also the time school starts up again, so people are mostly busy.

February doesn’t particularly have holidays. However, it is known as the month of love. With Valentine’s week on the schedule, people don’t really plan to visit Disney World as they are more focused on preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Just as the fall weather creeps in and people start planning for Thanksgiving, Disney World doesn’t exactly come to mind. During this month, people spend most of their time focusing on Thanksgiving and how to survive Thanksgiving with their entire family.

During August, people are too focused on schools starting again after summer vacation. So, a trip to Disney World is the last thing on their mind. Which is one of the main reasons this month is kind of a slow month for Disney World.

Why Visit Disney World During Slow Months?

Disney World is a very popular vacation destination. Almost every kid dreams of going to Disney World and spending their entire summer vacation there. However, there are times when even Disney World has slow months. And here are a few reasons why you should definitely take advantage of the slow months and visit Disney World during this time:

A Lot Less Crowded

More or less, Disney World is crowded most of the time. Due to this crowd, people can’t always enjoy the full experience. The crowd prevents you from seeing everything you want to see, and it also stands in the way of you actually enjoying yourself.

However, during the slow months, there isn’t a crowd. So, you can take your time and roam around without having people step in your shoes. It’s also a lot more comfortable in general because there aren’t too many people overcrowding the rides. You also don’t have to wait in long lines.

So, if you are planning on visiting Disney World be sure to go during the off seasons or the slow months. That way, you will get to enjoy your time and have a fun experience altogether.

Discount On Vacation Packages

One main reason people can’t always visit Disney World is budget issues. Every family or even individual has a budget they need to follow. Sometimes squeezing a vacation into that budget is impossible. This is the reason a lot of middle-class or low-income families save up for years to visit Disney World. Sometimes despite saving, they still don’t have the funds.

So, for people who go through this, there is a hack. Just visit Disney World during the off-season or slow months. During the slow months, you get tons of discounts on vacation packages, hotel stays, and everything else. This makes your budget issues disappear. So, if you really want to go to Disney World, go during these months and get the best experience.

Smaller Lines To The Rides

As much as people love Disney World, one of the most annoying things about this place is the long lines for the rides. The lines for Disney World rides tend to be extremely long, which can be incredibly annoying for most people.  A lot of the time, people only get to ride 1 or 2 rides after spending the entire day there. All this waiting around is a huge waste of time and energy.

However, during the slow months, the lines are relatively shorter. So you don’t have to spend much time waiting in line. Instead, you get to spend your time having fun and enjoying your time there. During these slow months, you get to ride multiple rides each day without having to face that overwhelming line of people.

Better Experience

If you are really looking to enjoy your vacation, then you should genuinely consider going to Disney World during the slow times. The slow times are the best times to visit Disney world and just enjoy each and every single moment. Because at that time the crowd won’t suffocate you and the lines will be shorter. The overall environment will be a lot better as well.

So, if you want a vacation that’s worth the money and has a lot of fun with the family, then you should definitely go during the slow months. If you want to avoid the scorching heat of summer, then the start of fall or during winter would be an excellent idea.

These are the main reasons you should visit Disney World during a slow month.

Is Disney World Cheaper During Slow Months?

During the slow months, Disney World offers tons of vacation packages. The hotels also take advantage of these times and lower their prices as well. So, in a way, Disney World is cheaper during slow months.

If you are someone who struggles financially. However, if you really want to go on a vacation to Disney World, then slow months are the perfect time for you. During these slow months, people rarely visit Disney World, so Disney world gives out discounts.

These discounts actually end up saving you a large sum of money. Because Disney World gives discounts, the hotels also lower their rates due to a lack of people. This actually makes the whole trip a lot cheaper than it initially would have been. So, by visiting Disney World during the slow months, you are actually saving money and getting the holiday experience.


Disney World is a great vacation spot. However, the crowding is a letdown. So, visiting Disney World during the slow month is the best idea.

This article goes into detail while answering the question, “What is the slowest month in Disney World?” Hopefully you have your queries answered. Thanks for stopping by.


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