What To Do After The Parks Close At Disney World

What To Do After The Parks Close At Disney World Planning 1

Since the reopening of the theme parks the park hours are much shorter then guests were originally used to. That left many people wondering what to do after the parks closed.

So if you are in the same boat and you are wondering what to do after the parks close at Disney World, below I will give you some ideas of what my family likes to do after we leave the parks for the day.

  • Resort Hopping
  • Disney Springs
  • Hot Tub and a Cocktail

What Time Do The Parks Close At Disney World?

This is ever changing. The parks seem to be open later on weekends then thru the week and around holidays they are open a bit later as well. Currently these are the closing times for the 4 parks.

Magic Kingdom: 8pm weekdays, 9pm weekends and Holidays

Epcot: 9pm weekdays, 10pm weekends and Holidays

Hollywood Studios: 7pm every day

Animal Kingdom: 5pm weekdays, 7-8pm weekends and Holidays

Now like I said, these times are changing everyday so its best to look at the schedule for the date you are going to each park.

With these earlier closing times especially for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios some families don’t want there day to end at that time. There are some really fun options depending on what your family likes to do.

What To Do After The Parks Close At Disney World Planning 2

Resort Hopping

If you haven’t stayed at many resorts on property yet this is a great time to explore some new resorts. We like to make a dining reservation for a new restaurant that we have not tried at a resort and then after eating take our time and explore.

We have found that by doing this it helps us unwind from the day and experience a new resort. It has also helped us figure out if any of them are resorts that we may want to stay at for future trips!

For example, before staying there, we had always been curious about the Contemporary and thought it would be fun to stay so close to the magic. We made a reservation at Chef Mickeys and then walked around to check out the resort.

One of our hesitations about staying there was the cost and if there would be enough fun stuff for our daughter. Well, we were pleasantly surprised at the activities and outdoor games.

What To Do After The Parks Close At Disney World Planning 3

Disney Springs

If you are looking for a little more nightlife after a day at the parks then Disney Springs is the place to be! With over 75 restaurants and even more stores to shop at there are endless things to do! Every trip we always plan at least 2 nights to go to Disney Springs.

We like to try new places to eat. On this last trip we tried Raglan Road for the first time and it was fantastic! The food was amazing and the Irish Dancers were the icing on the cake for us.

Something else that we like to do at the Springs is get a lot of our bigger shopping done. Currently in the parks they will not ship your purchases back to your resort so if you buy everything that you want then you are left carrying a ton of bags. That’s why I like to get most of my shopping done at Disney Springs.

Between The World of Disney and the Marketplace Co-op I can find just about everything that I want and don’t have to lug it thru the parks. One last suggestion for Disney Springs is mine and my daughters favorite thing to do there.

We absolutely LOVE going for a ride on the Aerophile balloon. If you don’t have a fear of heights (like my husband) I really think you will love it. The basket can hold up to 29 people and it takes you on an 8 minute tethered ride 400 ft above Disney property.

You can get stunning views of Disney Springs and the surrounding Orlando Area. Pricing is currently $20 for adults and $15 for kids ages 3-9. You can check out more information about it here.

What To Do After The Parks Close At Disney World Planning 4

Hot Tub And A Cocktail

Of course the old stand by is to head back to your resort and spend the evening at the pool. All of the resorts on property have more then 1 pool so there are options for the vibe you are looking for. When we travel with our daughter we almost always go to the main feature pool. There is always music, pool activities run by Disney and the water slide.

My daughter is always excited to see what fun activities they have going on for the kids. Us adults enjoy this as well because along with the main pool features is the hot tub and pool bar. There is nothing like a nice soak in the hot tub and a drink to relax after a long day walking around the parks.

Options outside of Disney

If you have your own car or if you want to call a ride-share, there are some other fun things to do if you want to head off of Disney property. SeaWorld Orlando is just 8 miles from Disney and they have some fun events that can last until 10 pm. The Wheel at ICON Park is also a great option and is open until 9 pm.


I know it can be tough trying to figure out what is the best option for your family but I hope that my suggestions can make it a bit easier for you to decide. Whether you choose one of our suggestions or come up with your own way to spend the evening if you are doing something in the “Disney Bubble” you really can’t go wrong.


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