Enchanted Tales With Belle

Enchanted Tales with Belle is set up as if a standard meet-and-greet was upgraded to a mini show. This 20-minute experience is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. You’ll start out by visiting Maurice’s cottage and then by way of an enchanted magic mirror you’ll be transported right inside to beasts castle.

Here you’ll meet the enchanted wardrobe who assigns everyone roles to take part in the retelling of the classic story. After stepping inside the beautiful library you’ll then be greeted by Lumiere, and with your help, Lumiere and Belle lead the audience in the retelling of the story this is a great experience for little ones who love storytime.

It’s a fantastic break from the sun and a special bonus here is that you’ll have a photo pass photographer inside the library taking pictures of the entire experience. Just make sure you pick up the photo card at the end and later download your pictures online. Fast Pass plus is offered here and I somewhat recommend it because it’s typical for this experience to have at least a 45-minute wait.

FastPass+ Available? Yes
Ride Height Requirements? No